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 (ăb′ā′, ă-bā′)
n. Roman Catholic Church
1. Used as a title for the superior of a monastery in a French-speaking area.
2. Used as a title for a cleric in major or minor orders in a French-speaking area.

[French, from Old French abbe, from Late Latin abbās, abbāt-, abbot; see abbot.]


(ˈæbɪ; German ˈaːbə)
(Biography) Ernst. 1840–1905, German physicist, noted for his work in optics and the microscope condenser known as the Abbe condenser


(ˈæbeɪ; French abe)
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a French abbot
2. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a title used in addressing any other French cleric, such as a priest


(æˈbeɪ, ˈæb eɪ)

n., pl. -bés.
(esp. in France)
1. a member of the secular clergy.
2. a title of respect for any ecclesiastic or clergyman.
[1520–30; < French, Middle French < Late Latin abbātem, acc. of abbās abbot]


A French word meaning a priest.
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Noun1.abbé - a French abbotabbe - a French abbot      
abbot, archimandrite - the superior of an abbey of monks


[ˈæbeɪ] Nabate m
References in classic literature ?
Be cautious," said the latter, "the Abbe Fouquet is there.
Well, then, send away the Abbe Fouquet; I have not a sou.
You make a strange advocate, Gourville, to-day -- the advocate of the Abbe Fouquet
Now we have in a dungeon about twenty feet distant, and to which you descend by another stair, an abbe, formerly leader of a party in Italy, who has been here since 1811, and in 1813 he went mad, and the change is astonishing.
The turnkey obeyed, and the inspector gazed curiously into the chamber of the "mad abbe.
I, monsieur," replied the abbe with an air of surprise -- "I want nothing.
Anna Pavlovna in dismay detained him with the words: "Do you know the Abbe Morio?
She kept an anxious watch on him when he approached the group round Mortemart to listen to what was being said there, and again when he passed to another group whose center was the abbe.
In the home of the witty abbe dwelt incessant laughter; there all the items of the day had their source and were so quickly transformed, misrepresented, metamorphosed, some into epigrams, some into falsehoods, that every one was anxious to pass an hour with little Scarron, listening to what he said, reporting it to others.
The diminutive Abbe Scarron, who, however, was an abbe only because he owned an abbey, and not because he was in orders, had formerly been one of the gayest prebendaries in the town of Mans, which he inhabited.
To complete the picture of the internal habits and ways of this house, it is necessary to group around Mademoiselle Cormon and the Abbe de Sponde Jacquelin, Josette, and Mariette, the cook, who employed themselves in providing for the comfort of uncle and niece.
This obligation cost her so much that she consulted her director, the Abbe Couturier, upon the subject of this honest but puerile civility.