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or abbrev.,

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En Brasil tambien fue una asociacion filantropica, la Asociacion de Beneficencia Brasilera para la Rehabilitacion (ABBR), la que supo concertar intereses comunes entre empresarios, politicos y medicos para dar atencion a personas afectadas por la enfermedad.
4 Groups of providers for groups of patients, abbr.
Secret club established by Hogwarts' students in Harry Potter books (abbr.)
33 New requirement from CMS as regards Medicare program administration, abbr.
CRN has adopted a voluntary marketing program for this substance, abbr.
Clue: Universal Human Rights Month: Abbr. Answer: NOV.
* 14 Direction traveled from Warsaw to Moscow [compass abbr.]
The company that wants to ban weight loss claims for supplements, abbr.
Test for high school sophomores and juniors (abbr.)
(5) 75 And so on (abbr.) (3) 76 Item of clothing (7) 78 National Scenic Area (7) 79 Necessary, essential (13) 81 Gurkha knife (5) 83 Milk sterilising process (1,1,1) 84 Worked (dough) (7) 85 Out of this world!