abdominal muscle

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Noun1.abdominal muscle - the muscles of the abdomenabdominal muscle - the muscles of the abdomen    
skeletal muscle, striated muscle - a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton; a muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes
abdomen, belly, stomach, venter - the region of the body of a vertebrate between the thorax and the pelvis
abdominal external oblique muscle, external oblique muscle, musculus obliquus externus abdominis, oblique - a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso
musculus transversalis abdominis, transverse muscle of abdomen, transversus abdominis, transversus abdominis muscle - a flat muscle with transverse fibers that forms the anterior and lateral walls of the abdominal cavity
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Abdominal muscle stimulation induced large expiratory volumes, and upper-chest stimulation induced large inspiratory volumes.
Therefore, good abdominal muscle strength is important for trunk stability.
Then he was informed Shingo Katayama had pulled out, then Jay Haas and, at around 10am, that Swindon's David Howell had failed to recover from the abdominal muscle injury suffered at the US Open last month.
As the air begins to expand the ribs, feel it pushing behind the abdominal muscle wall down into the pelvic area expanding through the rectum while feeling the movement all the way around to your back bone, and simultaneously you should feel the area of your crotch and your sides expand outward.
The ex-weather presenter braved the elements again to promote Flex Abdominal Muscle Trainers.
Some mutations in fruitless inhibit the development of a male-specific abdominal muscle.
In addition, abdominal muscle stimulation can be used for cough and removal of respiratory secretions [1].
NEXT come core strengthening and stabilisation that help improve abdominal muscle strength.
Dr Angel Ruiz Cottoro, medical services chief for the Spanish Tennis Federation, revealed the world number two has suffered an acute rupture of his right abdominal muscle, which was confirmed by ultrasound.
But it was still bucketing down yesterday afternoon and Nadal, who underwent an injury break for abdominal muscle pain on Thursday, was 11-2 third favourite.
ABSTRACT This experiment determined the effect of starvation on the chemical composition and tissue histology of the abdominal muscle and digestive gland in adult male southern rock lobsters Jasus edwardsii during 14 and 28 days.
WALES' World Cup opponents Fiji have been hit by a major injury scare before the showpiece tournament kicks off in September with giant wing Nemani Nadolo suffering a suspected torn abdominal muscle.