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Noun1.abductor muscle - a muscle that draws a body part away from the median lineabductor muscle - a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
skeletal muscle, striated muscle - a muscle that is connected at either or both ends to a bone and so move parts of the skeleton; a muscle that is characterized by transverse stripes
musculus abductor digiti minimi manus - the abductor muscle of the little finger
musculus abductor digiti minimi pedis - the abductor muscles of the little toe
musculus abductor hallucis - the abductor muscle of the great toe
musculus abductor pollicis - the abductor muscle of the thumb
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We made an incision over the outside of the exterior os sesamoideum pollicis pedis, and thus got at the root of the abductor muscle. Readjusting the battery, we now applied the fluid to the bisected nerves -- when, with a movement of exceeding life-likeness, the Mummy first drew up its right knee so as to bring it nearly in contact with the abdomen, and then, straightening the limb with inconceivable force, bestowed a kick upon Doctor Ponnonner, which had the effect of discharging that gentleman, like an arrow from a catapult, through a window into the street below.
Key midfielder Abdoulaye Doucoure (ankle ligament) and forward Roberto Pereyra (abductor muscle) are serious doubts.
Warrington lost halfbacks Tyrone Roberts (concussion) and Kevin Brown (abductor muscle) early on, but will need to improve their defence in time for the semi-final meeting on October 4 - or face a fourth defeat by Saints this season.
Jerome Boateng The Bayern Munich midfielder suffered an injury in an abductor muscle in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League's semi-final against Real Madrid, and his participation in Russia is in danger.
Stones has not started a Manchester City game for seven weeks after a loss of form was followed by an abductor muscle injury.
Stones has not started aManchester Citygame for seven weeks after a loss of form was followed by an abductor muscle injury -- and that has led to suggestions that he is now surplus to requirements at the Etihad after falling behind Vincent Kompany, Nicolas Otamendi and Aymeric Laporte inGuardiola'splans.
Like Reid, Vaccaro has shown real flashes but now will need a clean medical after missing the last four games of 2017 with a torn abductor muscle and having groin and wrist surgery this off-season.
The use of bone suture anchors was reported as another method of abductor muscle reattachment to the greater trochanter in THA.
Lock Marco Bortolami is a doubt as he struggles to recover from an abductor muscle injury.
The Blues have made no secret of their desire to bring the fans' favourite back to the Arms Park, despite reports in France Halfpenny might need an operation to fix the damaged abductor muscle and could be sidelined for months.
Therefore, preoperative exercise programs should target not only hip abductor muscle strengthening, but also knee muscle strengthening to improve ambulation ability.
Right-back Danny Holmes was ruled out for 'three to four weeks' yesterday when he picked up an abductor muscle strain in the 3-1 loss at Sheffield United.

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