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abecedarian, abecedary

a teacher or learner of an alphabet.
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Here is another unconventional ars poetica, an abecedary, meaning
In 1550, the Lutheran reformer Primoz Trubar published the first two Slovenian books: Cathechismus (Catechism) and Abecedarium (Abecedary).
There are a few poems about which one can say, these are poems written in their moment, but the poem "On Earth," which is not really an abecedary at all, but uses alphabetization to organize what would otherwise be a completely chaotic distribution of thought having to do with the mind's passage from life into death.
Synopsis: An abecedarium (or abecedary) is an inscription consisting of the letters of an alphabet, almost always listed in order.
An alliterated ALLOCUTION by the Letter A against Alcohol and all alcoholic admixtures, agencies and appliances; and also advocating all ATTEMPERANCE; as addressed at ABECEDARY ALHAMBRA, afore all....
The section is a sequence of ballads and includes lipograms, songs, and an abecedary. This formal play confronts lawlessness and violence with the constraint--and creativity--of rule.
One highlight of these chapters is the author's argument (expanding on an earlier article on "The Phoenician Script of the Tel Zayit Abecedary and Putative Evidence for Israelite Literacy," pp.
In lieu of some overarching thematic organization, these brief essays, most of which touch on themes related to mechanical engineering, have been placed in alphabetical order as a type of abecedary.
He becomes "the dialogue of dreamers," a bird, a vineyard, and a poet whose language is "a metaphor for metaphor." But the nurse swiftly returns and interrupts him in an important moment that heralds the full realization of the name in the final pages of Mural (when the "horizontal name" becomes vertical abecedary).
Brewster Ghiselin highlights what should be obvious but has been ignored by almost every major Hopkins critic: the AP is, and was intended to be, "abecedary." (4) Ghiselin argues that, whereas in writing to his literary friends Hopkins could, and did, assume an intimate familiarity both with current prosodic theory and with his own theoretical and practical developments, he could not assume such knowledge from an unknown, first-time reader of his work.
AJANENSIS as a species name as 566 hits, and an abecedary could start Abies ajanensis, Betula aj.., Cleopatra aj.., Dryas aj.., Erelia aj.., Florula aj ...