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Characterized by defects, abnormality, or deviation from the usual, typical, or expected course.
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This uses two-photon fluorescence throughout a sample, creating single spots as guide stars, and measures resulting aberrated wavefronts with Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors.
Additionally, the new design raisesquestions about apps behaviouron the aberrated panel?
Her interests are in clinical ophthalmology and complex contact lens fitting for abnormal and aberrated corneas.
The resulting segments were divided into 18 different types of beats, namely, normal beat (NOR "N"), atrial premature contraction (APC "A"), fusion of ventricular and normal beat (FVN "F"), left bundle branch block (LBBB "L"), unclassifiable beat (UN "Q"), premature ventricular contraction (PVC "V"), right bundle branch block beat (RBBB "R"), ventricular flutter wave (VF "!"), atrial escape beat (AE "e"), fusion of paced and normal beat (FPN "f"), nodal (junctional) premature beat (NP "J"), isolated QRS-like artifact (-), aberrated atrial premature beat (AP "a"), ventricular escape beat (VE "E"), nodal (junctional) escape beat (NE "j"), nonconducted P-wave (blocked APB "x"), paced beat (PACE "/"), and supraventricular premature beat (SP "S").
In this paper, the spatial characteristics of the OPCPA process pumped by a spatially aberrated beam are studied theoretically and numerically.
The dataset 202 m is with atrial fibrillation (AF) and atrial fibrillation aberrated beat arrhythmia, which are the most common irregular heart rhythm and occur most often in people with heart disease.
That usually means off-axis guiding, in which you guide with a star that's just out of the camera's field of view, but such stars tend to be scarce and aberrated. On-axis guiding, in which you select a guide star from within the same field you're photographing, is a more elegant solution, but how do you get light to both cameras at once?
100 2239 -- -- 33 -- -- -- 1 -- -- 101 1860 -- -- 3 -- -- -- -- -- -- Record N E P F O Q e j E P f p q 100 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 101 -- -- -- -- -- -- 2 Symbol Meaning N Normal bear L Left bundle branch block beat R Right bundle branch block beat A Atrial premature beat a Aberrated atrial premature beat J Nodal (junctional) premature beat S Supreventricular premature beat V Premature ventricular beat F Fusion of ventricular and normal beat C Start of ventricular flutter/fibrillation !
Clarity said that that availability of real-time refractive feedback may also be of benefit in complicated cases, such as highly aberrated corneas with unusual anterior and posterior corneal power distributions; irregular astigmatism; and prior refractive surgery.