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Noun1.abetalipoproteinemia - a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism; characterized by severe deficiency of beta-lipoproteins and abnormal red blood cells (acanthocytes) and abnormally low cholesterol levels
hypobetalipoproteinemia - a hereditary disorder characterized by low levels of beta-lipoproteins and lipids and cholesterol
lipidosis - a disorder of lipid metabolism; abnormal levels of certain fats accumulate in the body


n. abetalipoproteinemia, condición hereditaria caracterizada por la ausencia o deficiencia de betalipoproteina en el metabolismo de las grasas.
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In contrast, parents of patients with abetalipoproteinemia usually have normal apo B concentrations, because it is an autosomal recessive disorder.
Abetalipoproteinemia is a rare disease in which apo B is not synthesized, preventing lipoproteins containing this apolipoprotein from being formed.