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tr.v. a·bet·ted, a·bet·ting, a·bets
1. To approve, encourage, and support (an action or a plan of action); urge and help on.
2. To urge, encourage, or help (a person): abetted the thief in robbing the bank.

[Middle English abetten, from Old French abeter, to entice : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + beter, to bait; see bheid- in Indo-European roots.]

a·bet′ment n.
a·bet′tor, a·bet′ter n.
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Noun1.abetter - one who helps or encourages or incites anotherabetter - one who helps or encourages or incites another
accessary, accessory - someone who helps another person commit a crime
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or abetter
A person who helps:
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abettor [əˈbetəʳ] Ninstigador(a) m/f, fautor(a) m/f (esp Jur) → cómplice mf
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, abettor
nHelfershelfer(in) m(f)
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It gives people control over the aprocess and can result in asolutions that abetter meet their needs than the court aprocess can.
TPS is structured in an interactive format with a focus on providing an overview of Suffolk's constructionmanagement procedures and processes, enabling trade partners to obtain abetter understanding of how to successfully work on projects with Suffolk.
There exists a common desire that the nation may seize the available opportunities and make sure abetter future for it.
She alsohas to deal with all theplayers and their moods,and even scold the team ifthey are not performing wellin the tournaments.Sonam feels that sheis appointed as the teamcaptain because of hergood leadership qualities,capabilities and the ability tolead the team.'In the field of footballa good attitude will let themimprove and make them abetter player,' she says.Another challengefor the national women'sfootball team is that theydon't get good facilities likethe men's team, accordingthe female skipper.
And absent proof that Trump had the requisite knowledge, it's unclear that there could be a predicate offense to which Cohen would have been an aider and abetter.
Aquino said he will not get tired of pushing measures that ensure abetter future for young Filipinos, even if it means time away from his family.
abetter for look move good a find you if that saying old an There's Friday.
'The principal offender is always treated differently than the abetter,' he said.
"As Pakistan's automotive sector grows, Hyundai Nishat aims to tap its growth potential with an advanced technological approach," said Norez Abdullah, Chief Financial Officer."By running in real-time on an SAP digital core we can Abetter manager our cost elements, working capital, human resources and also enhance visibility of results to help achieve our goals with minimal risk of failure."
Besides agriculture reforms, he said, the government was focusing on poverty alleviation and abetter delivery system so that promises made to the people could be fulfilled in a befitting manner.
Villar suggested voter empowerment through education and job creation is abetter long-term solution to the country's entrenched political and economic problems.
It is only in Nigeria that a vicarious witness to and abetter of genocide like the Miyetti Allah would be allowed to walk free.