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 (ăb-hôr′ənt, -hŏr′-)
1. Disgusting, loathsome, or repellent.
2. Feeling repugnance or loathing.

ab·hor′rent·ly adv.
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owle motarkee!' which signifies, 'Terrible fellows those Happars!--devour an amazing quantity of men!--ah, shocking bad!' Thus far he explained himself by a variety of gestures, during the performance of which he would dart out of the house, and point abhorrently towards the Happar valley; running in to us again with a rapidity that showed he was fearful he would lose one part of his meaning before he could complete the other; and continuing his illustrations by seizing the fleshy part of my arm in his teeth, intimating by the operation that the people who lived over in that direction would like nothing better than to treat me in that manner.
Rosa puts her hands to her temples, and, pushing back her hair, looks wildly and abhorrently at him, as though she were trying to piece together what it is his deep purpose to present to her only in fragments.
"With a new defence secretary, I hope his fresh perspective will allow him to see how abhorrently these veterans have been treated, and he might start taking the first steps towards the recognition and compensation that they deserve."
'The timing of the move is important and a reflection of the intent of BJP lead India abhorrently rejecting all the peace overtures to save its face and a
"The timing of the move is important and a reflection of the intent of BJP abhorrently rejecting all the peace overtures to save its face and a diplomatic debacle; all the stakeholders particularly the US, UK, China, Russia, EU and OIC need to note the sheer intransigence of India and use their tremendous prowess to address this paralyzing stalemate in the interest of regional peace," Professor Shawl and Barrister Tramboo concluded.
Iku, oponu olodi ab'ara dudu hoho (death, you accursed enemy with an abhorrently black skin!).
Enslaved African people were subject to a system of abhorrently 'torturous-terror-techniques'.
So, I had to figure out what that was going to look like on the page, and then bring the reader along on this journey that is not an easy one and that at times is abhorrently violent.
Nothing can be more abhorrently discriminatory, anti-poor, and anti-human rights.
Race is also a factor -- last month two Kenyan women migrant workers suffered an attack that Lebanon's justice minister condemned as "shocking" and "abhorrently racist" after footage of them being beaten was circulated on social media.
Lebanon's justice minister, Salim Jreissati, termed the incident as 'shocking' and 'abhorrently racist'.