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 (ăb-hôr′ənt, -hŏr′-)
1. Disgusting, loathsome, or repellent.
2. Feeling repugnance or loathing.

ab·hor′rent·ly adv.
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Thus far he explained himself by a variety of gestures, during the performance of which he would dart out of the house, and point abhorrently towards the Happar valley; running in to us again with a rapidity that showed he was fearful he would lose one part of his meaning before he could complete the other; and continuing his illustrations by seizing the fleshy part of my arm in his teeth, intimating by the operation that the people who lived over in that direction would like nothing better than to treat me in that manner.
Rosa puts her hands to her temples, and, pushing back her hair, looks wildly and abhorrently at him, as though she were trying to piece together what it is his deep purpose to present to her only in fragments.
Blame for abhorrently slow internet download speeds in Lebanon often fell at Youssef's feet.
The US administration at the time stayed abhorrently silent, provoking people on the streets to chant, "Obama, Obama, are you with them [mullahs] or with us?
We were discussing amongst ourselves that the turnout in the last game was abhorrently low.
This country is overrun with dogs and cats that have been dumped by expats fleeing debt, have had to leave the country at short notice due to job loss, cannot afford vets bills, or, more abhorrently, have simply decided they can't be bothered to look after a pet any more.
The NSPCC said: "Little Shi-Anne did not deserve to be treated so abhorrently in her short life.
I am totally in support of the staff as they have been treated abhorrently however that letter was just him trying to stop a protest.
Richard Blumenthal, a Connecticut Democrat who emphasized his support for pro-immigrant reforms, told Saldana that her agency's handling of Jacques' immigration case was "abysmally and abhorrently inadequate.
What was abhorrently wrong was that media took the liberty to mangle the statistics.
This can be seen in the way masculinities are framed in, for example, the media, in which, when men are depicted as objects, it is often assumed to be for the gaze of the homosexual male subject, which makes the image abhorrently external to heteronormativity (Bern, 1993).
Evelyn goes through quite the transformation over the course of the novel and, at times, behaves absolutely abhorrently.