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1. The act or condition of abiding; continuance.
2. Adherence; compliance: abidance by parliamentary procedure.


(əˈbaɪd ns)

1. the act or state of abiding.
2. conformity; compliance: strict abidance by the rules.
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Noun1.abidance - acting according to certain accepted standardsabidance - acting according to certain accepted standards; "their financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting practices"
cooperation - joint operation or action; "their cooperation with us was essential for the success of our mission"
formality - compliance with formal rules; "courtroom formality"
line - acting in conformity; "in line with"; "he got out of line"; "toe the line"
honoring, observance - conformity with law or custom or practice etc.
keeping - conformity or harmony; "his behavior was not in keeping with the occasion"
2.abidance - the act of dwelling in a placeabidance - the act of dwelling in a place  
human action, human activity, act, deed - something that people do or cause to happen
lodging - the act of lodging
occupancy, tenancy - an act of being a tenant or occupant
3.abidance - the act of abiding (enduring without yielding)
continuance, continuation - the act of continuing an activity without interruption


n (form) abidance by the rules/lawsdie Einhaltung der Regeln/Gesetze
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PARIS, Dec 15 (KUNA) -- France on Friday stressed its firm position regarding Iran's dossier, and its abidance by the implementation of the nuclear deal by all parties, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
15 (BNA): France has stressed its firm position regarding Iran's dossier, and its abidance by the implementation of the nuclear deal by all parties, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Summary: Karnataka [India], Nov 25 (ANI): In a bid to promote abidance to road safety rules, police in Karnataka's Kalaburagi district gave roses to people following traffic norms.
ASTORE -- Working on instructions given by Assistant Commissioner Astore, Sher Afzal, the magistrates of Astore have started checking abidance of price lists by the local shopkeepers.
The dedication and efforts of Equate Group's employees were lauded by Husain as operations were resumed within a timeframe less than the originally planned two weeks and in absolute abidance to safety standards, it said.
Ibrahim confirmed Lebanon's "adherence to international legitimacy resolutions and abidance by its stipulations and obligations, most prominently Resolution #1701, although it remains the scene for Israeli violations of land, air and sea.
This is subject to abidance of all parties to implement their obligations and resumption of negotiations by the end of November 2016.
During the working session, emphasis was laid on the need to reinforce co-ordination between the two countries in matters of anti-terrorist fight and endeavour to find a political settlement to regional issues, thanks to dialogue and abidance by international law.
The firm said in the letter that a global content provider wishes to offer their video content on exclusive basis over the Closed Communications Network (CECN) of Airtel, in abidance with the TRAIs regulation on Prohibition of Discriminatory Tariffs for Data Services.
The draft legislation aims to enroot the principles of justice, accountability and a better performance to achieve the common good, guarantee abidance by the principles of national integrity, combat character assassination and pursue anyone who perpetrates any act of corruption", he said.
20 (SUNA) - The State Minister at the Ministry of Oil and gas Engineer Mahmoud Abdal-Rahman has underlined his ministry abidance with the international standards and the environment protection act as they are provided for in all the agreements and contracts.
Speaking at a press conference here today, Bizenjo said a new precedence was being set through abidance of the agreement in the country, which he added was his party's moral responsibility.