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Lasting for a long time; enduring: an abiding love of music.

a·bid′ing·ly adv.
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In 2015, there was something abidingly silly about fighting Nazis in a video game.
But the heart of the story is a loving family with an abidingly sunny disposition: eccentric but charming widower Caractacus Potts (Gian Magdangal); his two kids Jemima (Zoey Alvarade, alternating with Isabeli Elizalde) and Jeremy (Albert Silos, alternating with Noel Comia Jr.
The fact that all states that become party to the convention--now 168--thereby consent to arbitration or adjudication of most disputes concerning its interpretation and application presents a remarkable, and abidingly important, step forward in furthering the rule of law in international affairs.
As an exploration of a world populated with ghosts who don't realise they are dead, and the living who aren't ready to let go of their dead, the film is a sensitive, dignified and abidingly strange portrait of loss and leaving--and the possibility that maybe everything that dies some day comes back.
In the specific case of the temple, the gathering gatheredness of logos comes to be the "rising-up-within-itself" by which "the work opens up a world and keeps it abidingly in force.
Future generations--if they're like ours--will develop their own certainties and will probably be convinced, as we tend to be, that their belief systems--their religions, their ideologies, their politics--are correct and abidingly true.
Great War and the conflict's substantial influence upon the abidingly complex
Critics, both within and outside the church, who today dismiss Nostra aetate as narrowly inclusivistic or abidingly hegemonic do not realize what a surprising and liberating breakthrough it was for us in those days.
On one occasion in the Anguttara Nikaya, the Buddha says that one of the five qualities that enables a king to rule abidingly wherever he has conquered is "his strength in the four divisions of his army, loyal and alert to commands.
lt;{0}>The emergence of order from initial chaos is an experience familiar to every artist, from the moment the act of creation commences until, as Heidegger (1993:169) expressed it, "towering up within itself, the work opens up a world and keeps it abidingly in force.
Writing in the Los Angeles Times, Sipper describes Miller's fictional persona as "graphically erotic, elliptically surrealistic, unevenly anarchistic, combatively philosophical, abidingly romantic, downright funny--and always deeply felt.
the South abidingly, must feel the stain of Alabama like a