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Lasting for a long time; enduring: an abiding love of music.

a·bid′ing·ly adv.
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'We must aspire abidingly to this ideal, and ensure that we do not pursue justice in one area through injustice in another,' the President stressed in his address.
'Even though he has finished his race here on earth, Dr Fredrick Fasehun will continue to represent some of the finest qualities in the Nigerian spirit as envisaged by the 'Founding Fathers,' and in extensions the peoples, in the peoples, in deciding abidingly on Federalism,' the former Lagos State governor said, adding: 'Our prayer is that God will be kind to him and reward him for his labour and sacrifice of love.
Like the novel, moribund since its inception--and like God, abidingly vulnerable to heresy and debunking--Berlin has always teetered toward death.
In 2015, there was something abidingly silly about fighting Nazis in a video game.
But the heart of the story is a loving family with an abidingly sunny disposition: eccentric but charming widower Caractacus Potts (Gian Magdangal); his two kids Jemima (Zoey Alvarade, alternating with Isabeli Elizalde) and Jeremy (Albert Silos, alternating with Noel Comia Jr.); and his aged father (James Paolleli), who keeps reliving his days in the Imperial Army.
The fact that all states that become party to the convention--now 168--thereby consent to arbitration or adjudication of most disputes concerning its interpretation and application presents a remarkable, and abidingly important, step forward in furthering the rule of law in international affairs.
After the moment when a particular decision I have taken has passed, Husserl says, and regardless as to whether I am of the same conviction, 'I am abidingly the Ego who is thus and so decided' (p 66).
Wrongdoing in Middle-earth results from an unpredictable combination of external and internal pressures, and Tolkien, abidingly concerned with such matters, provides chilling glimpses of the ugly sides of even his prettiest elves (The Fellowship of the Ring 356-57).
The temple gathers around itself the unity of all possible concepts of humanity and the things of nature, and thus functions as logos or, in Heidegger's words, as the "gathering gatheredness." In the specific case of the temple, the gathering gatheredness of logos comes to be the "rising-up-within-itself" by which "the work opens up a world and keeps it abidingly in force." (28) This intermediary world serves as a passageway, as the extension of phusis, which not only establishes a link but also, by doing so, determines and identifies its two ends.
Future generations--if they're like ours--will develop their own certainties and will probably be convinced, as we tend to be, that their belief systems--their religions, their ideologies, their politics--are correct and abidingly true.
Great War and the conflict's substantial influence upon the abidingly complex