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Not associated with or derived from living organisms.

a′bi·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.
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(Biology) not involving living organisms
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While there can be abiological processes such as outgassing from rocks and volcanism that can replenish the methane in the atmosphere of Mars, the finding also opens up the possibility that there are life forms on Mars right now.
According to Garnefski, emotion regulation refers to abiological aspect (tachycardia, tachypnea, perspiration), social aspect (search for material and interpersonal material), behavioral aspect (Shouting, crying, withdrawing).
Interestingly, the combination of abiological treatment as bone marrow concentrate with PEMFs enhances the osteochondral regeneration by an improvement in cartilage cellularity and matrix parameters [26].
Lowe, "Abiological origin of described stromatolites older than 3.2 Ga," Geology, vol.
Based on the biological form, habitat heterogeneity, and the numbers of abiological factors, the three-dimensional symbiosis of ecological agricultural reclamation can be divided into the following types and modes.
Imidazole and its derivatives are very important from abiological point of view [8]; namely, benzimidazole as the 5,6-dimethyl derivative is present in vitamin [B.sub.12] and related biomolecules [9] and other benzimidazole compounds have found wide use as anthelmintic agents for both human and veterinary purposes [10].
"The corpse of the dolphin was in such an advanced stage of decomposition that the identification of the species was impossible,a explained Tanya Manolova, head of the aBiological diversity, protected areas and speciesa department within the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Burgas.
Although, plant heredity controls the biosynthesis of alkaloids, some environmental (e.g., biological and abiological factors as elicitors) could enhance or inhibit tropane alkaloids production [4,1,5].
Does this mean the Apha male is undergoing abiological transformation and becoming more female or is this incidental?
Furthermore, the visibility, tree height, belt width, and other abiological factors were important in achieving noise attenuation by foliage (Fang & Ling, 2003, 2005).