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Not associated with or derived from living organisms.

a′bi·o·log′i·cal·ly adv.


(Biology) not involving living organisms
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The corpse of the dolphin was in such an advanced stage of decomposition that the identification of the species was impossible,a explained Tanya Manolova, head of the aBiological diversity, protected areas and speciesa department within the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water in Burgas.
biological and abiological factors as elicitors) could enhance or inhibit tropane alkaloids production [4,1,5].
Does this mean the Apha male is undergoing abiological transformation and becoming more female or is this incidental?
Furthermore, the visibility, tree height, belt width, and other abiological factors were important in achieving noise attenuation by foliage (Fang & Ling, 2003, 2005).
However, identifying and interpreting geochemical biosignatures of microbial life is challenging and involves careful differentiation between signatures of biological processes and those of abiological processes.
Abiological, bacteriological and clinical study of larval or maggot therapy in the treatment of acute and chronic pyogenic infections.
Fractionation mechanisms are not well understood, but calcium isotope fractionation during abiological and biological mineralization is well documented, and probably accounts for much of the observed natural variation in [delta][sup.