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 (ăb′jĕkt′, ăb-jĕkt′)
1. Extremely contemptible or degrading: abject cowardice. See Synonyms at base2.
2. Being of the most miserable kind; wretched: abject poverty; abject grief.
3. Thoroughgoing; complete. Used to modify pejorative nouns: an abject failure.
4. Extremely submissive or self-abasing: abject apologies.

[Middle English, outcast, from Latin abiectus, past participle of abicere, to cast away : ab-, from; see ab-1 + iacere, to throw; see yē- in Indo-European roots.]

ab′ject′ly adv.
ab·ject′ness n.
ab·jec′tion n.


[ˈæbdʒektnɪs] N
1. (= wretchedness) [of conditions] → lo miserable; [of position] → lo indigno
the abjectness of the conditions in which they livelo miserable de las condiciones en que viven
we were shocked at the abjectness of their performancenos dejo horrorizados lo mal que lo hicieron
2. (= grovelling quality) the abjectness of his apologyel tono sumiso y arrepentido de su disculpa


(= wretchedness)Erbärmlichkeit f
(= servility) (of apology)Demut f; (of person, gesture also)Unterwürfigkeit f
References in classic literature ?
White Fang crawled slowly, cringing and grovelling in the abjectness of his abasement and submission.
Bashti, who had lived so long that he was a philosopher who minded pain little and the loss of a finger less, chuckled and chirped his satisfaction and pride of achievement in the outcome, while his three old wives, who lived only at the nod of his head, fawned under him on the floor in the abjectness of servile congratulation and worship.
His back was bowed up, the very opposite muscular position to that for a spring, while he drew his head more and more down and under his chest in utter abjectness, resting his weight on his elbows and shielding his poor nose with his massive paws, a single stroke of which could have ripped the life of Collins quivering from his body.
Billy moaned and groaned in the abjectness of humility and surrender, and let her have her way.
At such minutes there used to be a convulsive twinge at my heart, and I used to feel hot all down my back at the mere thought of the wretchedness of my attire, of the wretchedness and abjectness of my little scurrying figure.
The abjectness of their servitude is incomprehensible to us.
The decline and retrenchment of crisis caused people to struggle to find ways of positively contributing to households and networks, and, in a context of abandonment and abjectness, the cocaine trade is generally seen as a means of doing just that.
He stressed that those countries which attempt to acquire security at the cost of jeopardizing others' security will gain nothing but insecurity and abjectness.
Knott's structured abjectness arrests our notice similarly.
Many fell into bizarre abjectness, and the furious among them launched uprisings.
Gandhi goes on to say that "humility does not mean abjectness.
Part of their beauty is their abjectness, and we'd like to keep that in a balance with new construction, this sense that New York can be in a state of limbo between past and future.