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tr.v. ab·jured, ab·jur·ing, ab·jures
1. To recant solemnly; renounce or repudiate: "For nearly 21 years after his resignation as Prime Minister in 1963, he abjured all titles, preferring to remain just plain 'Mr.'" (Time).
2. To renounce under oath; forswear.

[Middle English abjuren, from Old French abjurer, from Latin abiūrāre : ab-, away; see ab-1 + iūrāre, to swear; see yewes- in Indo-European roots.]

ab′ju·ra′tion n.
ab·jur′er n.
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(ˌæb dʒəˈreɪ ʃən)

1. the act of abjuring.
2. renunciation upon oath.
[1505–15; < Medieval Latin]
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the act of renouncing upon oath, as by an alien applying for citizenship who renounces allegiance to a former country of nationality.
See also: Allegiance
the act of renouncing upon oath, such as an alien applying for citizenship renouncing allegiance to a former country of nationality.
See also: Renunciation
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Noun1.abjuration - a disavowal or taking back of a previous assertion
disavowal, disclaimer - denial of any connection with or knowledge of
backdown, climb-down, withdrawal - a retraction of a previously held position
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A formal statement of disavowal:
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nAbschwören nt
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Tecla Georgis renounced his abjuration, and at his death persisted in his errors.
To refuse to suffer is a sign of weakness rather than of courage, and, moreover, was it not a sort of recusance to take leave of life in despondency, an abjuration of the Christian faith which is based upon the sublime words of Jesus Christ: 'Blessed are they that mourn.'
Though I made no further observation of her at the moment, I may mention here what I did not discover until afterwards, namely, that she was one of a series of protegees whom my aunt had taken into her service expressly to educate in a renouncement of mankind, and who had generally completed their abjuration by marrying the baker.
Even the House's prior abjuration of a no-deal Brexit indicates the core issue with our current cast of parliamentary characters.
Considered as a Reign of Terror, anti-Catholic Church provisions outlawed public and private worship and religious education, closed churches, forced abjuration of priests of their religious vows and even forced the clergy to marry.
It was also confirmed that the CMS anti-self and alien-self subscales which index own-race abjuration and disparagement (hypothesis 2) and the self-destruction subscale (hypothesis 3) which indexes self-community-race destruction would be the strongest predictor variables.
Strauss'[s] abjuration of the faith of his fathers, and they cannot understand his move toward the effete religious mysticism of the East." (65)
In 1581, two years after they created their republic, the Dutch provinces proclaimed independence from Spain, in an Act of Abjuration, or Plakkaat van Verlatinge.
call'd the Ordinance of Man." George abides by such a contract and so his subjects "voluntarily and willingly took the Oaths of Allegiance, and Abjuration" to their rightful king.
really like is abjuration of a collective proceeding.
Even though Elijah's father had his civil rights restored two years later, in 1786, after he took an "oath of abjuration and allegiance", the ultimate question remained: to whom did Zebulon, and for that matter, his family, really owe their allegiance?
In my case, the abjuration might have taken the form of letting my kids attend the urban public schools.