able seaman

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able seaman

An experienced seaman certified to perform all routine duties at sea. Also called able-bodied seaman.

a′ble sea′man

an experienced seaman qualified to perform routine sea duties.
Also called a′ble-bod`ied sea′man.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: seaman - a seaman in the merchant marineable seaman - a seaman in the merchant marine; trained in special skills
Jack-tar, mariner, old salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, gob, Jack, tar - a man who serves as a sailor

able(-bodied) seaman

nVollmatrose m
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Cabin-boy at twelve, ship's boy at fourteen, ordinary seamen at sixteen, able seaman at seventeen, and cock of the fo'c'sle, infinite ambition and infinite loneliness, receiving neither help nor sympathy, I did it all for myself--navigation, mathematics, science, literature, and what not.
The noble boy in the ancestral boots, was inconsistent; representing himself, as it were in one breath, as an able seaman, a strolling actor, a grave-digger, a clergyman, and a person of the utmost importance at a Court fencing-match, on the authority of whose practised eye and nice discrimination the finest strokes were judged.
As for capability, I tell you I can sail all around the average broken captain or promoted able seaman you find in the South Seas.
When he presented himself to take and pay for his passage, it had been suggested to him that being an able seaman he might as well work it and save the money, but this piece of advice he very indignantly rejected: saying, 'He'd be damned but for once he'd go aboard ship, as a gentleman.
Him who is their partisan and cleverly aids them in their plot for getting the ship out of the captain's hands into their own whether by force or persuasion, they compliment with the name of sailor, pilot, able seaman, and abuse the other sort of man, whom they call a good-for-nothing; but that the true pilot must pay attention to the year and seasons and sky and stars and winds, and whatever else belongs to his art, if he intends to be really qualified for the command of a ship, and that he must and will be the steerer, whether other people like or not-the possibility of this union of authority with the steerer's art has never seriously entered into their thoughts or been made part of their calling.
He became an able seaman after his army regiment was all but wiped out at the Dardanelles.
ISAAC LONGSTER, 35, Able Seaman, of Church St, Staithes.
Able Seaman John Jones, 53, of Holyhead went missing while his ship was docked in Le Harve and his body was never recovered | Able Seaman John Jones, 53, of Holyhead went missing while his ship was docked in Le Harve and his body was never recovered
Able Seaman Bill was killed at the age of 30 in a near-suicidal mission in 1942 to destroy the German naval base at St Nazaire, six miles up the River Loire in France.
Margaret Allen, who lost her husband Able Seaman Iain Boldy when he was killed in an Argentinian attack on HMS Argonaut on May 21 1982, will be at the service.
Able seaman Albert E Johnson was just 22 when he died with 11 other crew members aboard the LCT 427 landing vessel which went down in the Solent in the early hours of June 7, 1944.
There were tears by the bucketload, several new babies and one sailor, Able Seaman Mike Marsden, who proposed to his girlfriend Janine Hilton as soon as he stepped from the vessel's flightdeck.