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Discrimination or prejudice against people with disabilities, especially physical disabilities.

a′ble·ist adj. & n.


discriminating against disabled or handicapped people
a person who discriminates against disabled or handicapped people
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The dominance of general education discourse and the state-mandated curriculum in this co-taught classroom reflects a larger ableist culture in which uniformity and standardization are privileged through current federal education legislation (NCLB, 2001).
The language of choice fails to account for the ableist context in which women make decisions about pregnancy, abortion, and reproduction in general.
Sucked into a patriotic vortex (even if we are not US-American) of nationalist, heterosexist, White, ableist, ageist, classist, ecophobic, US-American exceptionalism, we are complicit in the making of the terrorist assemblage--and it is a vast one, certainly not confined to descriptions of people who fly planes into buildings.
Rather than merely facing the nation on its ableist terms, Redden's apostrophic poems actively work to give the nation a face--a new, more diverse face that includes women, people of color, and the deaf Through the use of apostrophe and the lyric "we" in her poems, she attempts to constitute this more expansive and sympathetic national identity as well as her own identity within it.
Felicity Boardman demonstrates that when women with genetic disabilities make reproductive decisions, they often base them not on dominant ableist ideologies but on their own "lived experiences of their impairments.
These authors also uncovered a variety of sophisticated strategies by the young women to evade the unwanted attention of peers and found that "passing, rather than signalling an internalisation of stigma or self-hatred, serves as a tactic for negotiating what is perceived as an invasion of privacy and for refusing ableist assumptions" (p.
Within the schemas of anthropocentric/speciesist, ableist and racist taxonomies, the linguistic transmutation of a Jew into a Muslim/Arabcretin-animal enables the recalibration of her or his position down the different hierarchies to, in every instance, the very bottom rung, the 'lowest of the low.
While schools for people with mental retardation can be seen, through the retrospectoscope as abysmal institutions tied up with eugenics and ableist notions of normality (although they probably started out as very progressive institutions devoted to the notion that idiocy was not an incurable or irremediable state), it is much harder to characterize schools for the deaf as such, although the easy out is to critique oralism.
Imagine a future in which all girls and boys are able and encouraged to form an identity free of sexist, racist, classist, ableist, and heterosexist prejudices and expectations; in which all girls and boys are equally supported to explore their emotional, relational, spiritual, cultural, intellectual, and vocational needs, talents, and capacities; and a future in which all girls and boys, women and men, feel safe and free from exploitation, violence, and victimization and are encouraged to thrive within environments of mutual respect and encouragement.
explorations of ableist spaces' in Embodied Geographies: Spaces,
And then I was out to dinner with friends who care about such ableist language, and we were talking and laughing and snarking about people with terrible ideas, and the word "stupid" slipped out.
In "A Sexual Culture for Disabled People," Toby Siebers convincingly argues that our dominant understandings of the sexual good life are shot through with ableist assumptions.