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'The state cannot afford to abnegate its role in protecting workers' right to safe working conditions.
They have also taught how to abnegate individual morality to the system.
"It is not the intention of the Myanmar government to apportion blame or to abnegate responsibility.
Most synonyms ending in -ate, eg, don't rhyme as the stress is usually penultimate or earlier: abdicate and abnegate don't rhyme.
Should we abnegate our birthright For the burden of a yoke That binds us to the treadmills of their Trade, Till this nation's a nonentity And British pride a joke?
The BJP wants India to forcefully take all of Kashmir and abnegate all agreements providing special status to Kashmir as a Muslim majority state.
Instead they meekly submit to the blandishments of developers and in doing so they abnegate their responsibilities to ensure a balanced and sustainable economy for us all.
Paradoxically enough (and, let's face it, aspirational intellectuals like me love Paradox), if de Heer's directorial stamp can be located, then it's probably in his conceded attempts to abnegate directorial authority--to, in his own words, 'relinquish the almost absolute power normally associated with producing and directing a film and cede it to the people I'd be making [the film] with'.
ISLAMABAD -- Rahimullah Yousufzai, a member of government's committee, has said the Taliban, during the talks, did not abnegate the constitution and had agreed to hold talks within the framework of the constitution.
This fusion may have faint echoes in Catherine and Frederic's reciprocal pleas to be only what the other wants, to abnegate personal identity.
Other graver issues than the financing of the royal family are now at issue, however, due to the clear existential crisis faced by the EU to which we have incredibly attempted to abnegate a portion of our sovereignty by ministerial abuse of the puzzling powers of the royal prerogative.
It's that time of year when anybody and everybody is issuing their best-of lists, but I'm going to abnegate that responsibility and hand over to rock guru Pete Clemons, a man with an unrivalled knowledge of the local musical scene.