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n. pl. ab·o·ma·sa (-sə)
The fourth division of the stomach in ruminant animals, such as cows, sheep, and deer, in which digestion takes place.

[New Latin abomāsum : Latin ab-, ab- + Latin omāsum, tripe; see omasum.]

ab′o·ma′sal (-səl) adj.
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(Zoology) of or relating to the abomasum
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Adj.1.abomasal - relating to the abomasum (the fourth compartment of the stomach of ruminants)abomasal - relating to the abomasum (the fourth compartment of the stomach of ruminants)
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Elution media used were: acetate buffer (pH 5.6), HCl buffer (pH 2.2) and phosphate buffer (pH 7.4) to simulate rumen, abomasal and intestinal conditions, respectively.
Abomasal parasites in wild sympatric cervids, red deer, Cervus elaphu and fallow deer, Dama dama, from three localities across central and western
Effect of abomasal glucose infusion on splanchnic amino acid metabolism in periparturient dairy cows.
In majority of surgical maladies of gastro-intestinal tract like ruminal tympany, ruminal impaction, diaphragmatic hernia, traumatic reticulitis, abomasal impaction, intussusception, caecal dilatation etc., a multifactorial etiology constitute the most common cause for surgical gastro-intestinal disorders in cattle (Makhdoomi et al., 1995).
En dos tubos vacutainers que se llenaron con unos 10 mL de liquido abomasal, posteriormente se contabilizaron 49 nematodos adultos de Haemonchus spp.
It is part of the 2018 programme of such events organised by the Campus, some of which are held at varying venues This course will provide opportunities to discuss and practice farm animal surgical techniques including claw amputation, enucleation, paravertebral anaesthesia, regional anaesthesia techniques, wound repair and uterine and abomasal surgery.
These worm counts were based on examinations of 1% aliquots of abomasal and small intestinal washings and the contents passed through a 250 [micro]m mesh sieve.
(2016) discussed potential effects of climate change on the ecology of Marshallagia marshalli, an important abomasal parasite of muskoxen, wild sheep, and caribou.