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Adv.1.aborad - away from the mouth or oral region
orad - toward the mouth or oral region
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But he had not seen her for three days, and as her husband had just returned from aborad, he did not know whether she would be able to meet him today or not, and he did not know how to find out.
Our kababayan should keep in mind that there are more stringent requirements for the replacement of a lost or stolen passport as compared to securing a regular passport, especially while aborad. It therefore pays to take extra precautions while on travel to avoid this inconvenience,' the DFA said
Pakistani expatriates, working aborad, had sent US $ 13.187
This could have particularly negative consequences for the elderly and those with chronic conditions, discouraging them from going aborad.
Sixty million eligible voters will cast their ballots in the election between March 26 and 28 in Egypt, while Egyptians living aborad will vote between March 16 and 18.
He said Trump's decision was "very important." This is Netanyahu's first official visit aborad since Trump announced his decision regarding Jerusalem.
According to Google, we can expect to see devices sporting Android Oreo (Go Edition) early next year.As per what Samat tells us, Google also has some specific hardware parameters for smartphone makers who want to come aborad the Android Go initiative.For instance, a device with less that 1GB RAM should ideally not sport an OLED display.
To which, a federal law officer presenting a reply submitted that he had no objection if the cricketer was allowed to travel aborad for one-time.
He said that private sector has also been invited to work on joint ventures and Build operate and transfer (BOT) basis in the field of tourism, for which some investors had been approached locally and aborad.