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Located opposite to or away from the mouth.

ab·o′ral·ly adv.
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away from or opposite the mouth
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Hydra has a proliferation zone in the central part of the body, and, from there, the cells move orally and aborally, even after differentiation.
Before taking one of the 3,300 sets at the Dolby Theater, the Oscar guests will have to take a walk down the aborally large red carpet.
Pa element lateral view: element predominantly straight, bent aborally in the posterior region.
Gonopods: Telocoxite aborally with a rounded lamella, and medially with a distally directed lamella having a faintly serrated border.
My patient had another survival strategy from a supposedly nonfiction lost-at-sea story wherein the survivors hydrated with sea water aborally. Hopefully I will never be in a circumstance where I would need to test the validity of this statement.
Objects occluding a more proximal (oral) location in the gastrointestinal tract tend to cause a higher frequency of vomiting than objects more aborally located.
After measurement of the diameter of a selected starfish to the nearest 0.1 mm it was opened aborally by cutting along the midline of each arm, the gonads were removed and blotted dry and the viscera discarded.