While coming into being or being created: "Our own revolutionary war almost died aborning through lack of popular support" (William Randolph Hearst, Jr.).
Coming into being or being created.


US while being born, developed, or realized (esp in the phrase die aborning)
[C20: from a-2 + borning, from born]


(əˈbɔr nɪŋ)

1. in birth; before being carried out: The scheme died aborning.
2. being born; coming into being, fruition, or realization: A new era is aborning.
[1930–35; a-1 + borning irreg. for being born; see born, -ing2]


adv to die aborning (project, idea)noch vor seiner/ihrer etc Durchführung scheitern
adj to be aborningim Entstehen begriffen sein
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market has been throwing off barrels of red ink-Trahan is confident that changes are aborning that will put the operation in a more-competitive position going forward.
18) "We cannot forget that we are in the middle of the Caribbean Sea and that we cannot remain indifferent to the aspirations and dreams aborning around us.
Well, a decade later, as the IT revolution and globalization have been democratized and diffused -- as we've gone from laptops for elites to smartphones for everyone, from networking for the lucky few at Davos to Facebook for all and from only the rich heard in the halls of power to everyone being able to talk back to their leaders on Twitter -- a new global political force is aborning, bigger and more important than Davos Men.
and Western Europe, entire populations within Eastern Europe suffered merciless vengeance with a special Stalinist hell aborning in each.
A borrowing by Blake from Book One of Paradise Lost (351-54) relates to the starry Hosts of Satan, which Milton compares to a militant "multitude" aborning from the "frozen loins" of the "populous North": and this shivering multitude in Milton's passage "Pour'd" (like an Army of Waters) across the "Rhene or the Danaw," Rhine and Danube.
An innocent victim, an irresponsible driver, a promising future crushed while aborning, and even what may seem huge amounts of insurance proving minimal to meet the real needs.
Negotiations between Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and coup leader Roberto Micheletti died aborning when both parties denied that the discussions brokered by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and mediated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias were, in fact, negotiations.
In 1991, when portable computers were the size of sewing machines and the World Wide Web was aborning, the Institute of Medicine proposed a plan for how emerging technologies could be used to improve medical recordkeeping.
Moreover, when Goodman's office launched an offensive to create a high-level task force within the DOD to bring a corporate focus to phasing them out, turf-conscious military services objected so strenuously that the proposal died aborning.
Our job now is to do everything we can to see that [the reform movement] doesn't die aborning.
Vatican II, dubbed by some as "the council of the laity," was just the beginning of the church's effort to address what it means to be church in and for the new world that was aborning and being thrust upon it.
was aborning, the East gave us heroes to emulate and admire in the persons of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, Patrick Henry, and a host of others who risked their lives in creating and signing the Declaration of Independence.