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Noun1.abortion-inducing drug - a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortionabortion-inducing drug - a drug (or other chemical agent) that causes abortion
abortion pill, mifepristone, RU 486 - an abortion-inducing drug (trade name RU_486) developed in France; when taken during the first five weeks of pregnancy it blocks the action of progesterone so that the uterus sloughs off the embryo
drug - a substance that is used as a medicine or narcotic
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(3) A number of states have banned such telemedicine abortion by mandating the administration of the abortion-inducing drug takes place in the presence of a physician.
Bubble zones can also prevent demonstrations at doctors' offices and at pharmacies where the abortion-inducing drug Mifegymiso, initially known as RU-486, is prescribed and distributed.
There were reports of desperate women buying the abortion-inducing drug misoprostol at flea markets or crossing the border into Mexico to buy it over the counter in an attempt to self-induce abortions.
In the past decade, five states have passed laws prohibiting the off-label use of the abortion-inducing drug mifepristone.
We decided that clients would approach the pharmacy vendor and ask directly for an abortion-inducing drug instead of asking for a drug to regulate menstruation because recent qualitative researchl (10) suggests that women mention Cytotec more frequently when inquiring about drugs to interrupt a pregnancy than when asking about drugs to regulate menstruation.
The details of the situation that led the twenty-seven-year-old Florida native to decide to take the abortion-inducing drug RU-486 are not so uncommon.
Last August, Hager helped file a petition for the Christian Medical Association, of which he is also a member, to reverse the FDA's approval of RU-486 on the grounds that the abortion-inducing drug is unsafe.
The controversy surrounding RU486 (mifepristone) centers on its use as an abortion-inducing drug. Early safety testing suggests that this so-called abortion pill may have another use, this time as a treatment for a type of brain tumor.
Abortion advocates in Canada welcomed Health Canada's November 2017 relaxation of rules regarding the abortion-inducing drug Mifegymiso.
Earlier this summer, abortion opponents petitioned the Iowa Board of Medicine to establish new rules that require a doctor to be physically present with a woman when an abortion-inducing drug is provided and require a follow-up visit by the doctor.
In the same vein, bishops claim that emergency contraception, which is a higher dose of regular contraceptives, should be categorized as an abortion-inducing drug, despite all scientific and medical evidence showing that it acts before a pregnancy occurs.
The Government allowed an extremely powerful, hormonal, abortion-inducing drug to be sold over the counter at local chemists to any women, young or old, who requested it.