about face

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about′ face′

(used as a military command to perform an about-face.)


(n. əˈbaʊtˌfeɪs, əˈbaʊtˈfeɪs; v. əˌbaʊtˈfeɪs)

n., v. -faced, -fac•ing. n.
1. (in close-order drill) a 180° turn from the position of attention.
2. a complete change in position, direction or attitude.
3. to perform an about-face.
[1860–65, Amer.]
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After reviewing what's known so far about face perception in nonhuman animals, Leopold has sketched out some speculations that he hopes biologists will someday be able to test.
As much as Coates writes about faces the audience sees, he also writes about masked, doubled, and invisible faces that the audience does not see.
"What's unique about faces in terms of our evolutionary history is that it's the only visual stimulus class where we had to make very fine discriminations," he says.