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adv. & adj.
Without deceit or trickery; straightforward.

[Originally a gambling term referring to the fact that a gambler whose hands were above the board or gaming table could not engage in trickery, such as changing cards, below the table.]
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(əˈbʌvˌbɔrd, -ˌboʊrd)

adv., adj.
without tricks, concealment, or disguise; in the open.
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Adj.1.aboveboard - without concealment or deceptionaboveboard - without concealment or deception; honest; "their business was open and aboveboard"; "straightforward in all his business affairs"
square, straight - characterized by honesty and fairness; "straight dealing"; "a square deal"
Adv.1.aboveboard - in an honest manneraboveboard - in an honest manner; "in he can't get it honestly, he is willing to steal it"; "was known for dealing aboveboard in everything"
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[əˌbʌvˈbɔːd] adjleale, onesto/a
are you sure this is aboveboard? → sei sicuro che sia una faccenda pulita?
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You know how long you've been in the office--it's years, now, several of them, anyway; and you know I've always been straight and aboveboard with you.
"Then why not ride open and aboveboard with me in the hills?" he urged.
You know my principles- everything aboveboard? I will ask her tomorrow in your presence; if she is willing, then he can stay on.
"We are frank and aboveboard. We set the price, and if you can't see your way clear to take it there are no hard feelings.
Still it is just as well that you have written about this affair, for we may as well have all fair and aboveboard."
And for the first time the knight was conscious of a curious feeling that all was not square and aboveboard in this castle.
'We want to ensure that everything is aboveboard. It is our signatures that will be affixed on those documents, thereby holding us accountable,' Ramirez said.
The police and the Malacaaang insist that the operation was aboveboard as the authorities were serving court-issued warrants.
"I'd like to say mazel tov to everyone for running an aboveboard race.
The complaint also charged the NEA officials with gross misconduct for their blatant disregard of their duties as regulators of ECs by refusing to ensure that all transactions and actions of ECs are aboveboard and in accordance with law, regulations and issuances.
The profits made from this aboveboard drug trade could then be ploughed back into healthcare and we really would get PS350m-plus a week to give to the NHS.
We must not lose focus on the big fish because if bypassed, they are always too strong and will compromise a procurement officer who wants to operate aboveboard.