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1. Situated or taking place on or above the surface of the ground: aboveground nuclear testing.
2. Operating or existing within the establishment; conventional: journalistic practices unacceptable to the aboveground press.

a·bove′ground′ adv.



1. situated on or above the ground.
2. not secret, hidden; open.
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Adj.1.aboveground - on or above the surface of the groundaboveground - on or above the surface of the ground; "aboveground nuclear testing"; "surface instruments for detecting oil deposits"; "surface transportation"
surface - on the surface; "surface materials of the moon"
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Housing with up to four aboveground stories is planned for the commercial and production land properties, while the pland is to establish housing with up to five aboveground stories on one commercial land property, it appears from an order of the Tallinn city government for adopting the detailed plan.
Contract notice: framework agreement for maintenance on the technical installations and aboveground environment of fountains
ABSTRACT: Marinduque is endowed with subterranean and aboveground streams harbouring a variety of freshwater shrimps that has not been well documented and more importantly its relationship with the physical environment not established thus this study was conducted.
Several studies have questioned the potential role seed banks may contribute to prairie restoration efforts because: (1) the seed bank of prairies is absent or, at best, depauparate (Laughlin, 2003; Meiners and Gorchov, 1994; Wilson, 2002), and (2) the relationship between the prairie seed bank and aboveground vegetation is weak or nonexistent (Johnson and Anderson, 1986; McNicoll and Augspurger, 2010; Romo and Bai, 2004).
in laboratory were measured nitrogen percent of nodes, aboveground and grain by Kjeldahl method.
The contract includes seven aboveground storage tanks with capacity in excess of 1 MMbbls.
Thalli has been captured from the world aboveground and is now back as a prisoner of the State in the final book of McGee's Anomaly series.
The objective of this study was to develop an improved model for describing the accumulation of aboveground cotton biomass.
During the collection we monitored the variables: weight of aboveground biomass on [m.
In this research woody aboveground biomass measurements are done in secondary forests in East-Kalimantan, Indonesia, in three locations: Bukit Soeharto (secondary forest), KRUS (secondary forest) and PT REA (secondary forests nearby and inside an oil palm plantation).
Using the method at the plant group level to estimate plot total vascular aboveground biomass, foliage biomass, and LAI, we had [r.