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Noun1.abrader - a tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishingabrader - a tool or machine used for wearing down or smoothing or polishing
abrading stone - a primitive stone artifact (usually made of sandstone) used as an abrader
steel-wool pad - abrader consisting of a pad of steel wool used for polishing or smoothing
tool - an implement used in the practice of a vocation
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Abrasion resistance of the coating was determined using a Taber abrader (CS-10 wheels, 1000 g weight, 1000 cycles).
It's a fully automated machine shop, outfitted with the latest in computer-controlled machinery including CNC drills, a fully automatic welding machine, wheel abrader, three-quarter inch plate rolling machine and three-inch shear for doing structural steel.
The soil and abrader sediment samples were particle-size analysed by Coulter Multisizer (Lines 1992) within the range 2-600 [micro]m according to the method of McTainsh et al.
His father Rupp Abrader Thana Magyar added: "His fame has spread across Nepal and into India.
Corneal Protector, Cutter, Wire, Dermo Abrader, Double Approximator, DRILL Electro Torque Microprocessor Control Console 230v, Elevator, Skin, COTTLE, Fat Transfer Set, Forceps, Gouge, Hump, PARKES, Hook, Micro plating system, Liposuction machine, Metzenbam Scissors, Microvascular Single Clamp, Multi-blade Hair Transplant System with Forceps, Needle Holder / Scissors, GILLIES, Plastic Cheek Retractor, Plates and Screws for Facio Maxillary, Vessel Dilator, Hydrocolloid, Calcium Alginate with CMC Molecules
Uncured specimens for the drum abrader, flexometer and Zwick rebound tests were prepared by cutting disks from flat sheets and plying up sufficient layers to fill the cavities in multi-cavity molds for curing.
From DIN abrader test results, MEG-CB--loaded SSBR compound shows lowest mass loss among the nanofiller-loaded composites.
DIN abrasion tests frictional wear of a vulcanized elastomer, and therefore good performance of a material on the DIN abrader may not be a good predictor for impact wear resistance of the compound.
His father Rupp Abrader Thana Magyar, 36, says: "His fame has spread across Nepal and into India.