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 (ā-brăng′kē-ĭt, -āt′)
An animal that has no gills.
adj. also a·bran·chi·al (-kē-əl)
Having no gills.
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(əˈbræŋkɪɪt; -ˌeɪt) or


(Zoology) zoology having no gills
[C19: a-1 + branchiate]
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Adj.1.abranchiate - having no gillsabranchiate - having no gills      
branchiate, gilled - provided with gills; "a gilled tadpole"
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If a creature is "abranchiate", what does it not have?
2A), (from chaetiger 9 in one specimen), depending on length, last 5-13 chaetigers abranchiate, long anteriorly, overlap mid-dorsum, shorten posteriorly.