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 (ä-bräsh′, ə-bräzh′)
The natural and variable change in color that occurs in an Oriental rug over time when different dyes are used.

[Arabic, mottled, possibly of Persian origin.]
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It was followed by the introduction of the writers Mohammed al Marri, currently a student at the Faculty of Engineering, and Moataz al Abrash, an eighth-grade student, to the attendees.
Nazih Yassine and Mohammad Abrash both from Tripoli, respectively from Beb el Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen, have launched an initiative to beautify the walls of public schools in their area, often decrepit, not always pleasant to look at, blackened or covered with posters.
PPS said prisoner Mohammad Abrash has been in dire need of multiple surgeries; he has been suffering from a partial hearing and visual impairment, necessitating an urgent cornea transplant, PPS said.
Amman, July 15 (Petra)--The Palestinian Prisoner Club said on Wednesday that the health of the prisoners Mohammed Abrash and Ibrahim Al-Ghaseen, constantly deteriorating due to medical negligence and procrastination policy in providing necessary medication and treatment.
Ibrahim Abrash, a lecturer and the former Minister of Culture, over his recently published opinion editorial.
He elaborated that Abrash Capital has invested 30 million in KESC in three years and another amount of six million rupees is expected by next years.
He elaborated that Abrash Capital has invested Rs30 million in KESC in 3 years and another amount of six million rupees was expected by next years.
Completion of the local municipality buildings at both Al Sahafa Village & Kafr Abrash Village.
Bassam Ayoubi, arrested Fouad Abrash in the town of Halba in Akkar, 24 hours after he fled the scene of the crime.
Iranian parliament speaker, Ali Larijani and his Indonesian and Syrian counterpart, Marzuki Alie and Mahmoud Al Abrash, as well as deputy speaker of the Palestinian National Council Salim Al-Zanoun, will attend the troika meeting to be held on June 1st in Tehran.
The Abrash family sent their applications and documents to the Israeli side, hoping that they can go and pray with Pope Benedict XVI, butAaIsraelis are not allowing them to go to the West Bank.