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also a·bridge·ment  (ə-brĭj′mənt)
1. The act of abridging or the state of being abridged.
2. An abridged written text.
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(əˈbrɪdʒmənt) or


1. a shortened version of a written work
2. the act of abridging or state of being abridged
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or a•bridge•ment

(əˈbrɪdʒ mənt)

1. a shortened or condensed form of a book, speech, etc., that still retains the basic contents.
2. the act or process of abridging.
3. the state of being abridged.
4. reduction or curtailment: abridgment of civil rights.
[1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French]
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abridgment, abridgement

a shortened or condensed form of a book, article, etc.
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Noun1.abridgment - a shortened version of a written workabridgment - a shortened version of a written work
summary, sum-up - a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form; "he gave a summary of the conclusions"
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A short summary or version prepared by cutting down a larger work:
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(əˈbridʒ) verb
to make (especially a book) shorter.
aˈbridged adjective
aˈbridg(e)ment noun
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Of all this mass of epic poetry only the scantiest fragments survive; but happily Photius has preserved to us an abridgment of the synopsis made of each poem of the "Trojan Cycle" by Proclus, i.e.
I have thought it proper to quote at length these interesting passages, because they contain a luminous abridgment of the principal arguments in favor of the Union, and must effectually remove the false impressions which a misapplication of other parts of the work was calculated to make.
Mirabel admires your figure; he calls you 'the Venus of Milo, in a state of perfect abridgment.'" Where is the daughter of Eve, who would not have been flattered by that pretty compliment--who would not have talked soft nonsense in return?
To be master of the sea, is an abridgment of a monarchy.
It was long, but I can do no less than favour you with an abridgment of it.
On the other side of the wall there were the two brothers so like each other in the midst of their unlikeness: Adam with knit brows, shaggy hair, and dark vigorous colour, absorbed in his "figuring"; Seth, with large rugged features, the close copy of his brother's, but with thin, wavy, brown hair and blue dreamy eyes, as often as not looking vaguely out of the window instead of at his book, although it was a newly bought book--Wesley's abridgment of Madame Guyon's life, which was full of wonder and interest for him.
Vain der School favored the jury with an abridgment of the testimony, recounted in such a manner as utterly to confuse the faculties of his worthy listeners.
What is that abridgment and selection we observe in all spiritual activity, but itself the creative impulse?
In a word, I gave him an abridgment of this whole history; I gave him a picture of my conduct for fifty years in miniature.
I ran over the whole history of my life in miniature, or by abridgment, as I may call it, to my coming to this island, and also of that part of my life since I came to this island.
There should be abridgment of the gap between rich and poor.
A total of 41 journalists across different platforms affixed their signature to signify their intent to join the news website in their plea and argue before the court that they were "directly affected by the abridgment of their freedom." They told the court that the ban that Duterte articulated on March 1, 2018 "extends not only to Rappler and to its reporters and staff but also to any journalist who would write or broadcast anything that the President deems to be 'fake news.