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A poisonous protein found in the seeds of the rosary pea.

[New Latin Abrus, rosary pea genus (from Greek habros, graceful, delicate) + -in.]


a highly poisonous compound found in the seed of the Indian liquorice (Abrus precatorius)
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The ABP fraction was separated from intact abrin by 10kDa molecular weight cut-off membrane and this peptide fraction, which was about 30-40% of the total protein content, was assayed for biological activity.
Kuntal secretly poured the Abrin into her mother's Diet Coke and watched her drink it - expecting her to die.
Fodstad O, Olsnes S, Pihl A (1977) Inhibitory effect of abrin and ricin on the growth of transplantable murine tumors and of abrin on human cancers in nude mice.
Abrus abrin derived peptides induce mitochondrial apoptosis in HeLa cells (Communicated).
The court heard Ali's computer had been used to search for another chemical weapon, abrin, as well as for "homemade cyanide" and "hydrogen peroxide".
A toxin so potent as abrin can be expected to have appeal as a murder weapon as well as a chemical warfare agent.
It seems that when authorities searched Crooker's home during the 2004 silencer investigation they found some castor beans and rosary peas, common legumes from which the poisons ricin and abrin can be derived.
Entry of the toxic proteins abrin, modeccin, ricin, and diphtheria toxin into cells.
Bruce Hammock and Ian Kennedy, University of California, Davis, to work on the development of miniaturized sensors for use in detecting botulinum toxin, ricin, and abrin
The toxin may be any suitable toxin such as ricin, diphtheria, abrin, or gelonin.
Computer analysis showed that Ali, from Prescot Road, Old Swan, first began trawling the internet for information on poisons such as abrin, ricin and cyanide in October last year.
The computer showed that Ali had begun searching Google in October last year for poisons such as abrin, ricin and cyanide.