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tr.v. ab·ro·gat·ed, ab·ro·gat·ing, ab·ro·gates
To abolish, do away with, or annul, especially by authority: "Our existing Aboriginal and treaty rights were now part of the supreme law of the land, and could not be abrogated or denied by any government" (Matthew Coon Come).

[Latin abrogāre, abrogāt- : ab-, away; see ab-1 + rogāre, to ask; see reg- in Indo-European roots.]

ab′ro·ga′tion n.
ab′ro·ga′tive adj.
ab′ro·ga′tor n.
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Noun1.abrogator - an authority or official empowered to abolish or annul or repeal
authority - (usually plural) persons who exercise (administrative) control over others; "the authorities have issued a curfew"
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Radiosensitization of p53 mutant cells by PD166285, a novel G(2) checkpoint abrogator. Cancer Res 2001;61:8211-7.
According to the petition, General Musharraf the traitor, the deserter, the abrogator of the Constitution, pushed Pakistan Army into the tribal areas and waged war against them and thereby in retaliation, terrorism was spread all over Pakistan is proclaimed offender and fugitive of law in the murder case of Benazir Bhutto and judges detention case and also in high treason case.
He lamented protocol being given to the violator rather the abrogator of the constitution former President General A(r) Pervez Musharraf.
"Musharraf is linking his step with the army which is not appropriatea[euro]| There is no immunity for any abrogator of the Constitution," Sanaullah asserted.
The determined manu scriptus stance of describer, articulator, transcriber, communicator, negotiator, correspondent, addresser, and consigner self-apparently contradict those of putative abrogator, repudiator, separator, disappearer, or effacer.