abscessed tooth

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Noun1.abscessed tooth - an abscess of a common kind in the tissue around a toothabscessed tooth - an abscess of a common kind in the tissue around a tooth
abscess - symptom consisting of a localized collection of pus surrounded by inflamed tissue
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This can lead to painful infections or an abscessed tooth.
Finally, there was a night in California when Boston Globe writer Nick Cafardo, then with Quincy, was laid low early in the game by an abscessed tooth, drove to the Angels' team dentist to have it pulled, then came back to finish covering the game.
Deamonte Driver was a seventh grader from Prince George's Count, Maryland, who died of complications from an abscessed tooth on February 25, 2007.
Thus it may obvious that a child has an abscessed tooth (Fig 1) and that is the probably source of pain.
Patients who are very fearful of routine dental treatment have poorer oral health than those who are less anxious, The extremely fearful patient will tolerate pain, inflammation, and even an abscessed tooth before talking steps to visit a dentist.
In one practice we spoke to, an extraction will set you back pounds 100, a porcelain crown costs pounds 650 and fees for restoring a single abscessed tooth can reach a very painful pounds 1,400.
BRIAN DAVIES / The Register-Guard Hygienist Carol Beeson examines Sandra Young's abscessed tooth as the Northwest Medical Team provided free dental care in Eugene on Saturday.