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an act of cutting off; the process by which plant parts, such as leaves, are shed
Not to be confused with:
incision – a surgical cut into soft tissue; a notch as in the edge of a leaf
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1. The act of cutting off.
2. Botany The shedding of leaves, flowers, or fruits following the formation of the abscission zone.

[Latin abscissiō, abscissiōn-, from abscissus, past participle of abscindere, to cut off : ab-, ab- + scindere, to cut; see skei- in Indo-European roots.]
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(æbˈsɪʒən; -ˈsɪʃ-)
1. (Botany) the separation of leaves, branches, flowers, and bark from plants by the formation of an abscission layer
2. the act of cutting off
[C17: from Latin abscissiōn-, from ab-1 + scissiō a cleaving]
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(æbˈsɪʒ ən, -ˈsɪʃ-)

1. the act of cutting off; sudden termination.
2. the normal separation of flowers, fruit, and leaves from plants.
[1605–15; < Latin abscissiō. See abscissa, -tion]
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Noun1.abscission - shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plantabscission - shedding of flowers and leaves and fruit following formation of scar tissue in a plant
shedding, sloughing - the process whereby something is shed
2.abscission - the act of cutting something offabscission - the act of cutting something off  
remotion, removal - the act of removing; "he had surgery for the removal of a malignancy"
circumcision - the act of circumcising; surgical removal of the foreskin of males
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Intestinal mucosal injury was classified using the Chiu's method (20): 0, normal intestinal mucosal villus; 1, cystic gaps appearing under the epithelium at the villus apex, with capillary hyperemia; 2, expanded cystic gaps under the epithelium, moderate edema in the lamina propria, and dilation of the central cheliferous vessels; 3, significant edema in the lamina propria, degeneration and necrosis of the intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, and abscission of a few villus apex; 4, degeneration, necrosis, and exfoliation of the epithelial cells, abscission of some villus, exposure of the lamina propria, capillary dilation, and hyperemia; and 5, abscission of the villus, disintegration of the lamina propria, and bleeding or ulceration.
When I researched that process, I learned a technical term for the dropping: "abscission."
The other source of grain shattering is abscission layer (Ji, 2006).
The changes in weather and daylight also trigger trees to produce a hormone that causes cells at the base of the leaves to develop an abscission (or a cut).
Further, low temperature storage has also been known to promote ethylene production that further triggers floral abscission and early senescence in tuberose.
In the Caatinga, there are woody species in which leaf abscission occurs at the end of the rainy season, whereas other species maintain their leaves during the dry period, resulting in different tree species over time and space (MACHADO; BARROS; SAMPAIO, 1997; BORCHERT; RIVERA; HAGNAUER, 2002).
The number of thermal units accumulated until the natural fall or abscission of the fruits from the trees was 3,173[degrees]C for 203 days after the bud swelling (DAS).
Under normal growth conditions, the percentage of pod set varies from 20% to 40% (Kokubun, 2011), in a way that flowers with an abscission tendency show slower growth (Huff & Dybing, 1980).
The fruits were evaluated for physicochemical parameters such as abscission, abscission resistance, skin color, berry firmness, decay incidence, soluble solids, titratable acidity, weight loss, rachis and berry dry matter, and rachis browning.
Given that the goaf boundary abscission rate of the high suction roadway side close to the return air roadway was low, no large amounts of channels are formed for gas transport; when the horizontal distance between the high suction roadway and the return air roadway is too large, the goaf caving rocks will be gradually compacted, the abscission rate will be reduced, and goaf gas concentration will be decreased also.