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Noun1.absentee rate - the percentage of workers who do not report to workabsentee rate - the percentage of workers who do not report to work
pct, per centum, percent, percentage - a proportion in relation to a whole (which is usually the amount per hundred)
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Although the test ended without damage, the absentee rate of test-takers was the highest yet at 9.
Due to a high absentee rate reaching 97 percent and dismissing four headmasters of private secondary schools for boys and one private secondary school for girls in Riyadh.
The girl, who is not attending school in the UK either, had an absentee rate of 41% between October 2016 and February.
According to a report by the ministry in light of the results of the consultation, public enterprises recorded the highest absentee rate.
It was revealed last year that the hospital - which is run by its own NHS trust and has an annual budget of around PS40million - had a huge overspend and the highest staff absentee rate in the NHS.
In 2014, the school had the highest teacher turnover rate in the district, 53 percent, and the highest teacher absentee rate, 13.
The absentee rate at the Lanarkshire hospital reached 6.
Every exam grade, Estyn report and absentee rate is scrutinised to the nth degree.
They also had fewer doctor visits, less antibiotic use, lower absentee rate from daycare and their parents missed less work due to their children's illnesses.
As KPMG itself states: "We have found that the improved motivation and performance, and the lower leaver and absentee rate amongst staff in receipt of Living Wage means that the cost is offset and paying it is the right thing for our business.
In fact, in many school districts, the absentee rate in kindergarten is nearly as high as it is in ninth grade.
clinics/hospitals Number of patients would increase rapidly, and Sickbeds and medicines: shortage Expected absentee rate 40% (the maximum) Prevalent period of time 8 weeks.