absentee vote

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absentee vote

A vote as cast by absentee ballot.

absentee voter n.

ab′sentee vote′

a vote cast by a person who, because of absence from the usual voting district, illness, etc., has been permitted to vote by mail.
ab′sentee vot′er, n.
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5 million were by the early or absentee vote method.
The EGM will be held by absentee vote and the final date for receipt of completed ballots is February 17, 2015.
TOKYO - Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cast an absentee vote in Japan's House of Councillors election Tuesday morning at the Shibuya ward office in Tokyo.
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been hospitalized due to illness, cast an absentee vote Saturday afternoon for Sunday's election to choose his successor as president of the Liberal Democratic Party, party lawmakers said.
I have to drive into Sherman Oaks so the absentee vote guarantees me my vote and that's important,'' Harris said.
Although the absentee vote counts on a lot of security, it is loaded with distrust.
In 2012, of the nearly 133 million votes cast, over 32 million were by the early or absentee vote method.
Manila The 31-day absentee vote for overseas Filipinos kicked off without major hitches yesterday, reports reaching Manila from abroad said.
I think the absentee vote is always important and the history of Glendale has had a pretty good percentage of people voting by mail, and we want to make sure we reach that group of voters,'' Caruso said.
The absentee vote tally was 33,813 in the same period ahead of the previous election, which prizewinning novelist Yasuo Tanaka won.
Ferrer said that during the 2007 mid-term elections, some 18,000 seafarers were able to cast their votes via the internet thanks to the absentee vote pilot program in Singapore.
The Web site includes a link informing UOCAVA voters of "Ten Things To Help Ensure Your Absentee Vote Is Counted.