absentee vote

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absentee vote

A vote as cast by absentee ballot.

absentee voter n.

ab′sentee vote′

a vote cast by a person who, because of absence from the usual voting district, illness, etc., has been permitted to vote by mail.
ab′sentee vot′er, n.
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identification, the possibility of permanent absentee voter status,
Rushford said there were 991 absentee voter applications, with 535 ballots already returned.
In order that the ballot can be filled in with a candidate's name, the returning officer provides the absentee voter, "at the close of nominations, a list of the candidates showing the registered political party, if any, that has endorsed the candidate.
The official added that to register as Overseas Absentee Voter, a Filipino should submit valid Philippine passport and the accomplished OAV application form at the embassy.
The four men who admitted manipulating absentee voter ballots and votes are Rep.
In October 1918, the first Absentee Voter List was produced, publishing HM armed forces away from home on active service in the First World War to obtain a vote by post or by proxy in their home constituency.
x Republican and Democratic students teamed up to organize an absentee voter drive to increase the number of voters.
Conventional wisdom used to hold that the absentee voter was the more conservative voter.
Once absentee ballots are available for voting, an absentee voter may receive and return the ballot in person at the county board of elections office, or receive and return the absentee ballot by U.
IFE must approve a specific ballot for the absentee process and is also responsible for keeping track of absentee voter lists and respective applications.
On August 24 AIDSVote announced a project with four other organizations [POZ magazine, Housing Works, the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA-US), and Community HIV/AIDS Mobilization Project (CHAMP)] to launch a major absentee voter drive.
Family members are in the same absentee voter category as military members and generally should follow the same procedures.