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Adv.1.absentmindedly - in an absentminded or preoccupied manner; "he read the letter absently"
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بِشُرُود الذِهْن، بِذُهُول
eins og í leiîslu, utan viî sig
dalgın bir şekilde


(ˈӕbsənt) adjective
not present. Johnny was absent from school with a cold.
(əbˈsent) verb
to keep (oneself) away. He absented himself from the meeting.
ˈabsence noun
1. the condition of not being present. His absence was noticed.
2. a time during which a person etc is not present. After an absence of five years he returned home.
ˌabsenˈtee noun
a person who is not present, especially frequently (eg at work, school etc).
ˌabsenˈteeism noun
being often absent from work etc without good reason. Absenteeism is a problem in some industries.
ˌabsent-ˈminded adjective
not noticing what is going on around one because one is thinking deeply. an absent-minded professor.
ˌabsentˈmindedly adverb
ˌabsent-ˈmindedness noun
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"Excellent fellows, aren't they?" said he, absentmindedly, knitting his brows as the animal yelled out sharply.
Napoleon smiled and, lifting his head absentmindedly, glanced to the right.
Almost a month having elapsed since the liniment cake episode, it was high time for her to get into fresh trouble of some sort, little mistakes, such as absentmindedly emptying a pan of skim milk into a basket of yarn balls in the pantry instead of into the pigs' bucket, and walking clean over the edge of the log bridge into the brook while wrapped in imaginative reverie, not really being worth counting.
"That was what the Sowerby woman said," he muttered absentmindedly.
Then looking quickly up he saw George Willard, the only newspa- per reporter in Winesburg, standing at the back door of the Eagle printshop and staring absentmindedly about.
He turned his blank, round face up to the stars and continued absentmindedly: "To take the vague idea first.
Thornbury murmured absentmindedly, adjusting her spectacles and picking up The Times .
But then Isaac's dad, who had been happily preparing a meal in the vast kitchen, suddenly became distracted, and angered, by the image of a Hollywood producer on his computer screen - and absentmindedly cut himself badly.
A bespectacled old man with a cloud of white hair, resembling a professor who has absentmindedly mislaid his shoes, padded past.
Unable to fall back on his previous line of work for money, You then took a job with the Ministry of Forestry transporting driftwood, and it was during this time that You first absentmindedly began to mess around with the wood, that his interest in carving took root.
Kamotho was spotted absentmindedly enjoying his maize and bean meal as he joined millions of Kenyans braving the cold, damp weather to cast their vote on August 8.