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Noun1.absolute frequency - the number of observations in a given statistical categoryabsolute frequency - the number of observations in a given statistical category
cardinal number, cardinal - the number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity but not the order
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Tags show the absolute frequency of each item with respect to the size of each corpus section as well as the percentage.
However, the researchers cautioned the study does not reveal absolute frequency of these kidney-related complaints for all people taking PPIs.
2: The absolute and relative number of hospitals according to the kind of integration and number of years in the integration Kind of integration Absolute frequency Relative frequency holding 12 80% merger 3 20% Number of years in the integration -10 9 60% 10+ 6 40% Source: own Tab.
Highest absolute frequency values from Ocotea notata, Protium heptaphyllum and Clusia hilariana were detected in the shrubby formation (Monteiro et al., 2014) and from Ocotea lobi and Pouteria caimito in the forest formation (Giaretta et al., 2013).
TABLE 1: Absolute frequency (N) and percentage (%) values of headache types in Group with Headache (GwH), according to the ICHD-III.
According to Mueller-Dombois and Ellenberg (1974) and Martins (1993), the following quantitative phytosociological parameters were calculated: Absolute Density (DAi) and Relative Density (DRi), Absolute Frequency (FAi), Relative Frequency (FRi), Absolute Dominance (DoAi), Relative Dominance (DoRi), Importance Value Index (IVI) and Importance Value Coverage (IVC).
This enabled us to calculate the absolute frequency of occurrence of each type of impolite act as well as the relative frequency, i.e.
Absolute frequency (AF) and simple percentage (SPF-%) of the muscular branches of the femoral nerve in both antimeres in female rabbits.