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Noun1.absolute frequency - the number of observations in a given statistical categoryabsolute frequency - the number of observations in a given statistical category
cardinal number, cardinal - the number of elements in a mathematical set; denotes a quantity but not the order
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Highest absolute frequency values from Ocotea notata, Protium heptaphyllum and Clusia hilariana were detected in the shrubby formation (Monteiro et al.
According to Mueller-Dombois and Ellenberg (1974) and Martins (1993), the following quantitative phytosociological parameters were calculated: Absolute Density (DAi) and Relative Density (DRi), Absolute Frequency (FAi), Relative Frequency (FRi), Absolute Dominance (DoAi), Relative Dominance (DoRi), Importance Value Index (IVI) and Importance Value Coverage (IVC).
This enabled us to calculate the absolute frequency of occurrence of each type of impolite act as well as the relative frequency, i.
Table 1: Relative and absolute frequency of anxiety level one hour before cardiac catheterization in two groups of experimental and control in patients awaiting cardiac catheterization admitted in Imam Khomeini hospital in Tehran Medical Sciences University Group Muscle Relaxation Control group group Level of anxiety Number Percent Number Percent Low(1-3) 2 4 3 4.
Absolute Frequency = number of sampling units with species presence/total number of sampling units Relative Frequency = species absolute frequency/sum of all absolute frequencies * 100
Items Behavior HM FBM MHL LM Presence of calves Absolute frequency 264 164 149 148 Relative frequency 75 80 60 52 (%) Absence of calves Absolute frequency 90 41 98 139 Relative frequency 25 20 40 48 (%) [chi square] 76.
To obtain the absolute frequency of level I, it was considered five plots of 2m x 10m as a sample.
The frequency is about 7 kHz higher than the previous value which is a consequence of absolute frequency measurements performed with optical combs.