absolute temperature scale

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ab′solute tem′perature scale`

a scale for measuring temperature in which the hypothetical lowest limit is assigned the value zero, designated absolute zero, as the Kelvin or Rankine scale.
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His devotion to his adopted home explains the famous name given to the absolute temperature scale; when citizens are granted the honor of a peerage, they can choose their title, usually adopting a place name that is particularly dear to them.
Not until the mid-19th century, when British physicist Lord Kelvin invented the absolute temperature scale, could scientists speak accurately about how much hotter one object was than another.
Being familiar with the recent development of the first law, he discovered and corrected the error due to the caloric theory, which led him to his discovery of an absolute temperature scale. With this, he showed that the heat discharged to the low-temperature reservoir was only a fraction of the heat from the high-temperature source, leading to the relation,