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tr.v. ab·so·lu·tized, ab·so·lu·tiz·ing, ab·so·lu·tiz·es
To make absolute; change into an absolute: absolutize a moral priniciple.


(ˌæbsəˈluːtaɪz) or


vb (tr)
formal to make absolute


(ˈæb sə luˌtaɪz)

v.t. -ized, -iz•ing.
to render absolute; consider or declare perfect, complete, or unchangeable.
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Omens of Adversity is a provocative and learned book that, like tragedy, absolutizes its logic.
This dogma, which Kant embraces as a principle of experience, (12) absolutizes the categories of foundationalism, for which whatever is objective, right, and beautiful is determined as such by some privileged determiner.
Miguez's model starts from context with a tendency of not trusting the text, and absolutizes practical transformation by focusing on changing the local culture, which has revealed the need to review its perspective in light of universality.
Furthermore, the market fundamentalism is more dangerous than religious fundamentalism, because it absolutizes the value of capital above all other values.
This ontologizing of both state and church absolutizes the antagonism between them (138-139).
An ontology of affirmative desire--that is, one in which desire is posited as a vital impetus-is almost inevitably one that absolutizes productivity as the telos of all beings in terms remarkably homologous to the management principles of postindustrial capitalism: to quote Baudrillard (1975, page 19) once again, "it is no longer a question of'being' oneself but of 'producing' oneself, from conscious activity to the primitive 'productions' of desire".
But when the mind reifies its thoughts of self and other, it mistakes the whole person for one small set of characteristics imputed to him by one's mind, reducing the other person to a simple, singular thing that the mind absolutizes as the whole person.
24) Essentially, "strong correlationism" absolutizes the subject pole of the correlate.
Regarding life exclusively as an end absolutizes life, leading to "vitalization" and a one-sided focus on individual rights and autonomy.
Communitarian identities are in competition with the contemporary liberal politics that absolutizes individual moral agency by freeing individual from collective restraints that are needed for smooth functioning of political order.
In a book riddled with half-truths, this claim typically absolutizes what is historically contingent; but its "representation-as-containment" thesis is clearly a variant on the seminal Foucauldian/Greenblattian model of political containment operating through the appearance of subversion.
Eisgruber and Sager might protest that this absolutizes their claim, quoted by Greenawalt in the preceding sentence, that equal liberty "will call for exemptions in most dress code cases" (p.