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 (əb-zôrb′, -sôrb′)
tr.v. ab·sorbed, ab·sorb·ing, ab·sorbs
1. To take (something) in through or as through pores or interstices.
a. To occupy the attention, interest, or time of; engross: The problem completely absorbed her. See Synonyms at engross.
b. To take up or occupy (one's time or interest, for example).
3. To retain (radiation or sound, for example) wholly, without reflection or transmission.
4. To take in; assimilate: immigrants who were absorbed into the social mainstream.
5. To learn; acquire: "Matisse absorbed the lesson and added to it a new language of color" (Peter Plagen).
6. To receive (an impulse) without echo or recoil: a fabric that absorbs sound; a bumper that absorbs impact.
7. To assume or pay for (a cost or costs).
8. To endure; accommodate: couldn't absorb the additional hardships.
9. To use up; consume: The project has absorbed all of our department's resources.

[Middle English, to swallow up, from Old French absorber, from Latin absorbēre : ab-, away; see ab-1 + sorbēre, to suck.]

ab·sorb′a·bil′i·ty n.
ab·sorb′a·ble adj.
ab·sorb′ed·ly adv.
ab·sorb′er n.
ab·sorb′ing·ly adv.
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Adj.1.absorbable - capable of being absorbed or taken in through the pores of a surfaceabsorbable - capable of being absorbed or taken in through the pores of a surface
adsorbable, adsorbate - capable of being adsorbed or accumulated on a surface of a solid


[əbˈzɔːbəbl] ADJabsorbible


adj (suture) absorbible, reabsorbible (esp. Esp)
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Suture material 4/0, Thread absorbable 6/0 pack 12 pcs, Thread absorbable 5/0 pack 12 pcs, Absorbable threads 4/0 12 , Suture material 90 cm blue count 17 mm
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Lunn and Paulk developed a composite anchor based on an absorbable polymer and non-absorbable metal.
In addition, the parents of the children in absorbable suture group expressed satisfaction over prevention of psychological trauma of stitch removal.
However, the absorbable chromic catgut suture has also been reported to cause calculus formation.
I believe that readers were interested in hearing more about the TYRX[TM] Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope because it meets such an important unmet patient need, the need for infection prevention during cardiac device procedures.
Suture materials are available in absorbable and non-absorbable forms.
Patient One's highly absorbable formula features Pycnogenol French maritime pine bark--one of the most evidence-based natural ingredients in the world--plus Mirtoselect standardized bilberry extract, standardized grape seed extract, standardized red wine extract and a citrus bioflavonoid complex.
developer of an absorbable polymer technology for implantable drug delivery across a wide variety of therapeutic applications, announced that its patented extrusion technology enables absorbable fibers to be loaded with a wider variety of drugs and biologically-based entities than previously possible.
The company utilizes a wide variety of implantable-grade absorbable and non-absorbable biomaterials in orthopedic, general surgery, tissue engineering, cardiovascular, bariatric, cosmetic surgery and veterinary applications, including implantable devices and drug delivery technologies.