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 (ăb-stē′mē-əs, əb-)
1. Eating and drinking in moderation.
2. Characterized by abstinence or moderation: an abstemious way of life.

[From Latin abstēmius : abs-, ab-, away; see ab-1 + *tēmum, liquor, variant of tēmētum.]

ab·ste′mi·ous·ly adv.
ab·ste′mi·ous·ness n.
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Adv.1.abstemiously - in a sparing mannerabstemiously - in a sparing manner; without overindulgence; "he ate and drank abstemiously"; "indulged temperately in cocktails"
بِاعْتِدَال فِي الطَعَّام
az yiyip az içerek


(əbˈstiːmiəs) adjective
taking little food, drink etc. She was being very abstemious as she was trying to lose weight; an abstemious young man.
abˈstemiously adverb
abˈstemiousness noun
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As wage slaves, toiling early and late, and living abstemiously, we could not save in threescore years--nor in twenty times threescore years--a sum of money sufficient successfully to cope with the great aggregations of massed capital which now exist.
odonturus was abstemiously poisonous because at 250 l dose all the intraparitoneally treated mice were died.
Those who have managed carefully or abstemiously are notoriously reluctant to assist those they perceive as profligate.
We lived simply on a limited budget, maybe more abstemiously than ordinary people who were our neighbors.