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By: Nizar Ahmed CAIRO -- 2 December 2017: CafAaAaAeA@ Philo at the SOMA A School and Gallery in Zamalek will be hosting a discussion on the differences and history between figurative and abstract art on December 3.
When they were in second grade, they had learned about abstract art and design, but now a few years older, I wanted to revisit the concept by viewing the painting creations of painter, Wassily Kandinsky.
The sources said that during the International Art Week, celebrations of culture, contemporary art, modern art, abstract art, handicrafts, drawings, calligraphy, artists' shows and other regional art events would be included.
More than 50 paintings based on calligraphy and abstract art of the artists including Sheikh
Inspired by the spirit of Merdeka, EMANSIPASI is a celebration of a creative individuals personal journey towards emancipation as expressed through the visual expression of abstract art.
by Salim Al Afifi Dr Naseem says calligraphy is more beautiful than any other conventional or abstract art.
He recently uploaded footages for his Instagram Stories which showed him hard at work on a piece of abstract art.
With which form of abstract art was British painter Bridget Riley associated?
The Opus 39 Gallery in Nicosia will pay tribute to abstract art tomorrow with the opening of the solo exhibition Life Path by Ludmila Budanov.
com)-- The International Gallery of the Arts (IGOA) had the great honour of hosting this month's Abstract Art Exhibition.
Kakayi's work is a blending of this form of abstract art along with the influences he received from European culture during his time in Spain.
SOME of the world's most influential abstract art has gone on show in Birmingham.