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 (ăb-străk′shən, əb-)
a. The act of abstracting or the state of having been abstracted.
b. An abstract concept, idea, or term.
c. An abstract quality.
2. Preoccupation; absent-mindedness.
3. An abstract work of art.

ab·strac′tion·al, ab·strac′tive adj.


formal relating to abstraction
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The "what" can be classified as dimensional control--[S.sup.D]d--and the "how" as instructional control --[S.sup.D]i --which includes abstractional control ([S.sup.D]a).
It might be said that here Vattel used the metaphysics of self-perfecting personhood as an abstractional device for elevating a particular array of concrete social policies and public law enactments--those associated with a middle-level Protestant agricultural-military republic--into a natural law 'theory of state'.
Dimensional guidance is varied because of the presentation of a novel stimulus, but abstractional control (selecting the comparison stimulus that goes with the sample) is adduced (after Andronis, Layng, & Goldiamond, 1997; Layng, Twyman, & Stikeleather, 2004) and maintained.