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 (əb-sûrd′, -zûrd′)
a. Extremely unreasonable, incongruous, or inappropriate: an absurd request.
b. Impossible to take seriously; silly: a character who goes through many absurd adventures. See Synonyms at foolish.
2. Of, relating to, or manifesting the view that there is no order or meaning in human life or in the universe.
3. Of or relating to absurdism.
The condition or state in which humans exist in an absurd universe, without meaning or purpose. Used chiefly with the.

[Latin absurdus, out of tune, absurd : ab-, intensive pref.; see ab-1 + surdus, deaf, muffled.]

ab·surd′i·ty (-sûr′dĭ-tē, -zûr′-), ab·surd′ness n.
ab·surd′ly adv.
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(æbˈsɜr dɪ ti, -ˈzɜr-)

n., pl. -ties.
1. the state or quality of being absurd.
2. something absurd.
[1425–75; (< Middle French) < Late Latin]
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  1. Absurd as a monkey in a dinner jacket —Anon
  2. Absurd as an excuse —Anon
  3. Absurd … as expecting a drowning man to laugh —German proverb

    Time and use often transform proverbs into similes. In this case, the original proverb was “A fool will laugh when he is drowning.”

  4. Absurd as hiring a street vendor to run a major corporation —Anon
  5. Absurd as looking for hot water under the ice —Latin proverb
  6. Absurd as mathematics without numbers —Anon
  7. Absurd as to expect a harvest in the dead of winter —Robert South
  8. Absurd as to instruct a rooster in the laying of eggs —H. L. Mencken
  9. Absurd as … to put bread in a cold oven —Latin proverb
  10. Absurd as … to put water in a basket —Danish proverb
  11. Absurd as trying to drink from a colander —Latin proverb
  12. Absurd … like baking snow in the oven —German proverb

    The simile has evolved from “He baked snow in the oven.”

  13. Absurd … like jumping into the water for fear of the rain —French proverb
  14. Absurd, like using a guillotine to cure dandruff —Clare Booth Luce
  15. Absurd … like vowing never to be sick again —Lynne Sharon Schwartz
  16. As logical as trying to put out a fire with applications of kerosene —Tallulah Bankhead
  17. Attending the Gerald R. Ford Symposium on Humor and the Presidency is sort of like attending the Ayatollah Khomeini Symposium on the sexual revolution —Pat Paulsen, at September 19, 1986 symposium in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  18. Bizarre and a little disconcerting, like finding out that the Mona Lisa was a WAC —Jonathan Valin
  19. (His … ) body so sleek with health, that his talk of death seemed ludicrous, like the description of a funeral by a painted clown —Christopher Isherwood
  20. Comparing [Ronald] Reagan with [Franklin D.] Roosevelt is like comparing Charles Schulz [“Peanuts” cartoonist] to Rembrandt —Mike Sommer
  21. Incongruous as a mouse dancing with an elephant —Anon
  22. Incongruous as a priest going out with a prostitute —Anon
  23. Looks as well as a diamond necklace about a sow’s neck —H. G. Bohn’s Handbook of Proverbs
  24. Makes about as much sense … as it would to put army shoes on a … French poodle —William Diehl
  25. Ridiculous as monkeys reading books —Delmore Schwartz
  26. Stupid and awkward, like chimpanzees dressed up in formal gowns —Scott Spencer


  27. That’s absurd, like Castro calling Tito a dictator —John Wainwright
  28. You just can’t go around thinking that McDonald’s food is going to be steaming hot. It’s like expecting the hamburger to be served on a French roll —Ann Beattie
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Noun1.absurdity - a message whose content is at variance with reason
hokum, meaninglessness, nonsense, nonsensicality, bunk - a message that seems to convey no meaning
2.absurdity - a ludicrous follyabsurdity - a ludicrous folly; "the crowd laughed at the absurdity of the clown's behavior"
folly, foolishness, unwiseness - the trait of acting stupidly or rashly
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noun ridiculousness, nonsense, folly, stupidity, foolishness, silliness, idiocy, irrationality, incongruity, meaninglessness, daftness (informal), senselessness, illogicality, ludicrousness, unreasonableness, preposterousness, farcicality, craziness (informal), bêtise (rare), farcicalness, illogicalness I get angry at the absurdity of a situation.
"absurdity: a statement of belief manifestly inconsistent with one's own opinion" [Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary]
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1. Something or someone uproariously funny or absurd:
Informal: hoot, joke, laugh, scream.
Slang: gas, howl, panic, riot.
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سَخَافَة، أمْر مُنَاف لِلعَقْل


[əbˈsəːdɪtɪ] N
1. (= quality) → lo absurdo
2. (= act of madness) → locura f, disparate m
it would be an absurdity to trysería una locura or un disparate intentarlo
it would be an absurdity to say thatsería absurdo decir eso
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[əbˈsɜːrdɪti] n (= ridiculousness) → absurdité f
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nAbsurde(s) nt no pl (→ of an +dat); (thing etc also) → Absurdität f
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[əbˈsɜːdɪtɪ] n
a. (no pl, see adj) → assurdità, assurdo, ridicolaggine f
b. (thing) → assurdità f inv
the absurdities of life → le assurdità della vita
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(əbˈsəːd) adjective
unreasonable or ridiculous. These demands are absolutely absurd.
abˈsurdly adverb
abˈsurdity (plural abˈsurdities) noun
abˈsurdness noun
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The truth is the truth; and neither childish absurdities, nor unscrupulous contradictions, can make it otherwise.
The Portuguese traveller, contrary to the general vein of his countrymen, has amused his reader with no romantic absurdities or incredible fictions; whatever he relates, whether true or not, is at least probable; and he who tells nothing exceeding the bounds of probability has a right to demand that they should believe him who cannot contradict him.
Elizabeth loved absurdities, but she had known Sir William's too long.
Richard Twining bubbled over with quaint absurdities, and George Road, conscious that he need not exhibit a brilliancy which was almost a by-word, opened his mouth only to put food into it.
There are many absurdities in the system like concurrent sentences.
With its satisfying conclusion, the book is suitable for secondary school and public libraries; its absurdities and age-appropriate expletives may appeal to reluctant male readers.--Cynthia Winfield.
Before the Middle East unrest, most people in the West did know too much about the regimes in that region.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> </span>Now that protests have brought some of these regimes to attention, their absurdities are revealed.
Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota) consists of forty-three succinct essays focusing on the human heart in all of its absurdities, dilemmas and joys.
Each is an exercise in the distortion of scale, with elements shrunk or magnified without regard to perspectival logic, mimicking the disproportions and absurdities of everyday life (conscious versus unconscious, individual versus corporate, incidental versus epic).
In the quiet there is humor, absurdities, pathos, and the full-range of adolescent angst.
Other essays include The Myth of the Soul, Absurdities of the Bible, and Why I Am An Agnostic.