1. Forming or giving off bubbles.
2. Very active or excited.
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1. (of liquids) bubbling
2. filled with excitement
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(əˈbʌb əl)

1. bubbling.
2. characterized by excited enthusiasm or activity.
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References in classic literature ?
And behind it all, behind all of me with youth abubble, whispered Romance, Adventure.
At the gas pressure, the simulated shape of Taylor cone was like abubble. With the increase of the gas pressure, the shape of Taylor cone changed.
"It was a dream and I felt like I was in abubble for a while because I didn't realise they were taking on any new gladiators.
Yesterday, for a Boylesports Irish 1,000 Guineas that held little of the same fascination, in a chill wind, on a day of the week many Brits would still prefer to be left fallow for racing purposes, the Curragh was all abubble.
These are important differences, but Kuhn ignores them in favor of treating white men as an undifferentiated mass, collectively abubble with resentments toward Democratic liberals who show them no respect, couldn't care less about them, and know nothing about their lives.
ABUBBLE bath and soap are opposite types of the same chemical components, called surfactants.
Mainadieu lay at the float string, Louisa Staff and her child snug in Father Jerome's bunk, young Johnny Starr whistling as he cleaned ship, the stew pot abubble on the doghouse stove.
Despite there being four lifeguards on duty, none was responsible for monitoring abubble shelfaroundthe edge of the deep end where Chad ended up.
The girls told us not to get carried away with everything because it is easy to end up abubble and lose touch.
Paul Smith, by email ABUBBLES are usually caused by moisture, and flaking usually happens when paint is incompatible with the surface, usually when painting over an old paint that has different properties.