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[New Latin Abutilon, genus name, from Medieval Latin abutilon, a kind of plant used to treat wounds, from medieval scientific Arabic 'abūṭīlūn, folk-etymological alteration of earlier 'ūbūṭīlūn, 'awbūṭīlūn (taken as 'abū, father, source + Andalusian Arabic ṭaylūn, toad), ultimately from misreading of Syriac 'arqṭī'ūn, 'arqūṭī'ūn, partly from Greek arkion, burdock (probably from arkein, to suffice, endure, from its tenacious burs ) and partly from Greek arktion, the plant Inula candida (burdock and Inula candida often being treated together in medieval botanical works).]


(Plants) any shrub or herbaceous plant of the malvaceous genus Abutilon, such as the flowering maple, that have showy white, yellow, or red flowers
[C18: New Latin from Arabic]

flow′ering ma′ple

any shrub of the genus Abutilon, of the mallow family, having large, bright-colored flowers.
Also called abutilon.
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Noun1.abutilon - herbs or shrubs or small trees: flowering mapleAbutilon - herbs or shrubs or small trees: flowering maple; Indian mallow
dilleniid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
family Malvaceae, mallow family, Malvaceae - herbs and shrubs and some trees: mallows; cotton; okra
flowering maple - an ornamental plant of the genus Abutilon having leaves that resemble maple leaves
Abutilon theophrasti, butter-print, China jute, velvetweed, Indian mallow, velvetleaf, velvet-leaf - tall annual herb or subshrub of tropical Asia having velvety leaves and yellow flowers and yielding a strong fiber; naturalized in southeastern Europe and United States
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Val G, by email: My neighbour bought one recently - it rejoices in the name of Abutilon megapotamicum.
These species include Cadaba heterotricha, Abutilon Pakistana, Asparagus dumosus, Commiphora stockiana that are native to Sindh.
Other plant species of this community vegetation are Abutilon grandifolium, Lantana grisebachii, Ophryosporus axilliflorus, Stipa pseudoichu, Lepechinia floribunda, and Iresine diffusa (Borisov et al.
Ubisch bodies in the peritapetal membrane of Abutilon pictum Gill (Malvaceae).
revealed that maize height in weed-free condition was 20 cm higher than maize infested with Abutilon theophrasti.
7) was the dominant tree, while Abutilon incanum (Link) Sweet (IV: 108.
R = new county record; * = nonnative species) Scientific Name Common Name Abutilon theophrasti Medikus velvet-leaf Acer negundo L.
92 10 8 110 Broussonetia payrifera 23 2 1 26 Abutilon theophrasti 1 1 Polygonum 13 14 27 Amaranthus 129 129 Nelumbo spp.
And for dot plants choose tall and showy flowers or foliage to break up block planting such as standard fuchsia, kochia, abutilon and canna.
The light green leaves, which will drop in winter, are hairy underneath and they are similar in shape to an abutilon leaf with very pointed leaf ends.