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v. a·but·ted, a·but·ting, a·buts
To touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent.
1. To border upon or end at; be next to.
2. To support as an abutment.

[Middle English abutten, from Old French abouter, to border on (a-, to from Latin ad-; see ad- + bouter, to strike; see bhau- in Indo-European roots) and from Old French abuter, to end at (from but, end; see butt4).]

a·but′ter n.
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(Law) property law the owner of adjoining property
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Noun1.abutter - the owner of contiguous propertyabutter - the owner of contiguous property  
landholder, landowner, property owner - a holder or proprietor of land
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n (US) → Anlieger(in) m(f); (to one’s own land) → (Grenz)nachbar(in) m(f)
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Third, their claimed injury is not a cognizable injury in that they anticipate no interference with their own use, but anticipate instead that their use will interfere with a future abutter who will complain."
Nugent said that a review of the application file would not give an abutter an understanding of the relief the Scadutos were actually seeking.
blur, bluet, bluer, blue, beau, bateau, Monopoly a on places all -Mayfair aural, aura, abutter, abut, TABLATURE Mall, Pall Lane, Park A.
As a member of the selectmen-appointed Pipeline Study Committee and a concerned abutter of the proposed 12-inch natural gas pipeline by Kinder Morgan -- Northeast Energy Direct-Worcester Lateral, I am encouraging voters to approve Town Meeting Article 36.
For example, when we are appraising a property and it is obvious that an abutter would benefit greatly (and probably pay extra) in buying the property--to get the parking or access that their property needs--we can alert our clients to that situation in a separate section of the report.
A Superior Court judge has upheld the city of Cranstons approval of a solar energy array on agricultural land despite an abutter who argued that the proposal was inconsistent with the citys comprehensive plan.
The owner sells the property for $20 per square foot to a buyer who immediately resells it for $40 per square foot to an abutter, a bank in need of land for site expansion.
"When an abutter has alleged a harm that is both protected by the zoning bylaws and grounded in factual basis, a defendant may offer independent evidence in the form of expert affidavits contrary to the presumed aggrievement, which, if credited, would demonstrate that a plaintiff's aggrievement is unfounded or de minimis.
Glynn read the letter, chaplain Howard Flexer, an abutter who opposed the plan and who is disabled, said, "You could have told me that before I left the house.''
A critical aspect of the pilot program is to monitor noise levels to understand whether, if at all, the PVNB affects the noise levels that abutters perceive or that occur on the other side of the highway.