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v. a·but·ted, a·but·ting, a·buts
To touch or end at one end or side; lie adjacent.
1. To border upon or end at; be next to.
2. To support as an abutment.

[Middle English abutten, from Old French abouter, to border on (a-, to from Latin ad-; see ad- + bouter, to strike; see bhau- in Indo-European roots) and from Old French abuter, to end at (from but, end; see butt4).]

a·but′ter n.


[əˈbʌtɪŋ] ADJcontiguo, colindante


adj(daran) anstoßend attr; fields also(daran) angrenzend attr
References in classic literature ?
The canyon had become a rocky slit, rising roughly at a steep angle toward what seemed a pass between two abutting peaks.
Who was the far-off founder of the house, With its red gates abutting to the road?
This scroll, majestic in its severe simplicity, illuminated a little slip of front garden abutting on the thirsty high-road, where a few of the dustiest of leaves hung their dismal heads and led a life of choking.
It was not, in appearance, so desirable a habitation as his old quarters: being a mean and badly-furnished apartment, of very limited size; lighted only by one small window in the shelving roof, and abutting on a close and dirty lane.
Overruling prior precedents, the Court of Appeals holds that New York City's sidewalk liability law does not only impose tort liability on the owner abutting the sidewalk where a trip and fall occurs, but the owner of the property next door may also be liable if that owners negligence contributed to the accident.
The ABC affiliate for the Lansing MI DMA operates at the top of the television spectrum band, abutting territory claimed by the wireless community.
From the Zoning Resolution: "Where such street walls [that are less than 45 feet wide] abut an existing building with street walls that exceed [the width of the street], such new street walls may reach the height of the lowest of such abutting building walls .
As approved in the town's general bylaws, every owner of land abutting a sidewalk shall cause all snow and ice to be removed to a width of not less than 4 feet from the portion of the sidewalk abutting his land.
If the county was interested in disposing of the property, a public process, possibly involving other abutting property owners, would be undertaken.
It examines the price effect of abutting high-voltage transmission line (HVTL) rights of way.
Key statement: A two roll impregnator for impregnating fiber reinforcement for use in filament winding operatives contains two abutting rolls, at least one and preferably both having an elastomeric surface.
Iain Laing, the town's director of community development, estimates there are between 40 and 50 acres of underused or vacant industrial land abutting the harbour, some of it cleaned up, that is available for new development.