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An abyss.

[Middle English abime, from Old French abisme, from Vulgar Latin *abissimus, alteration of Late Latin abyssus; see abyss.]


an archaic word for abyss
[C13: via Old French from Medieval Latin abysmus abyss]


(əˈbɪz əm)

an abyss.
[1250–1300; < Middle French abisme]
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Noun1.abysm - a bottomless gulf or pitabysm - a bottomless gulf or pit; any unfathomable (or apparently unfathomable) cavity or chasm or void extending below (often used figuratively)
chasm - a deep opening in the earth's surface


Something of immeasurable and vast extent:
abyss, chasm, deep, depth (often used in plural), gulf.
References in classic literature ?
And all my austere nights of midnight oil, all the books I had read, all the wisdom I had gathered, went glimmering before the ape and tiger in me that crawled up from the abysm of my heredity, atavistic, competitive and brutal, lustful with strength and desire to outswine the swine.
One end awaits for all that mortal be; Pride and despair shall find a common grave: The Yang-tse-kiang renders wave and wave To mingle with the abysms of the sea.
Once returned from the abysms of the utter North to that little house upon the outskirts of Meudon, it was not the philosopher, the daring observer, the man of iron energy that imposed himself on his family, but a fat and even plaintive jester, a farceur incarnate and kindly, the co-equal of his children, and, it must be written, not seldom the comic despair of Madame Lavalle, who, as she writes five years after the marriage, to her venerable mother, found "in this unequalled intellect whose name I bear the abandon of a large and very untidy boy.
Peace is very temporary; so brief that it only allows breathing a little before returning to the abysm.
Tribble, "'The Dark Backward and Abysm of Time': The Tempest and Memory," College Literature 33, no.
The "juvenile" crisis (Mal), based mainly on the contribution of abysm psychology, especially the so-called "analytical psychotherapy.
Her starting point is clearly stated: "My hypothesis upon tackling these two works is that, despite the perceived abysm between the Spanish and English colonization of the Americas, Cabeza de Vaca and Bradford participated of a common repository of ideas" (ix).
It was then that Marcos decided to cut the rope and, leaving Luiz to fall into the abysm and thinking that his friend was dead, left.
7) From "Hojoki": "The waterfall is muffled, / and my ten foot square hut lies / In the abysm of a sea / Of sibilant quiet"; from "Empty Mirror": "I sit / In my ten foot square hut.
In America's plummet to the abysm of ignorance and incompetence, Obama is, admittedly, the end of the line, though who knows how much lower our leaders can go in our political Limbo: Chris Christie?
The primary text includes the following essays: Christophe Van Gerrewey, "Theatre Between Performance and Installation: Three Contemporary Belgian Examples" (17-30); Klaas Tindemans, "The Fourth Wall, or the Rift Between Citizen and Government: Another Attempt at a Conceptual Synthesis of Theatre and Politics" (31-42); Nancy Delhalle, "Using Recorded Images for Political Purposes" (43-56); Anna Teresa Scheer, "A Campsite for the Avant-Garde and a Church in Cyberspace: Christoph Schilingensief's Dialogue with Avant-Gardism" (57-76); Evelien Jonckheere, "Echoes from the Animist Past: Abattoir Ferme's Dark Backward and Abysm of Time" (77-89); Jeroen Coppens, "Folding Mutants or Crumbling Hybrids?